Remembering the history of History and Heping Jiangsu to hold a national public festival commemorative event

Original title: Bearing in mind the history of the History of Peace, Jiangsu Province held the national public festival commemorative event on December 13, Jiangsu also synchronized the public festive day commemoration, remember the martyrs, mourn the deaths, remember history, cherish peace.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, in the port of Hong Kong, Hangzhou, the port of the Yanghang Canal, the boat was stopped quietly in the channel, and the ship was whistled while the ship was stationed in the bow. National humiliation, cherish peace. Pan Yue, the mechanical repair department of Suqian City Port Development Co., Ltd. Huai’an Jinhu’s primary school students wrote the message on the paper, express the mourning of 300,000 victims, and folded into a thousand paper cranes that only prayed peace. According to 50 teachers and students in Jiangsu Ocean University, I walked into the Memorial Memorial Hall of Lianyungang City, carved to the hero group of the martyrs and visited the pavilion, listened to the explanation, and reconscious history.

Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College organizes youth students to watch historical pictures and movies "Nanjing! "Nanjing", in-depth understanding of the important meaning of the national public festival and Nanjing Massacre and other major historical events.

More than 20 veterans in Yandu District, Yancheng District gathered Pan Huang Martylle Cemetery, everyone solemn, listening to the martyrs, and praised the martyrs a monument, parallelism.

Song Jia, Si Dunner, Siyou Volunteer Service Team, Siqi, Yancheng City, said that as a young person, we should remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation, cherish the unprystable happiness life; study hard, practice, to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation The Chinese dream contributes its own power. At the old site of Nanjing Jiji, Nanjing Jiji, Zhongshan Hotel Group and other nearly 100 people were silent in the air defense police. They mourn the Nanjing Massacocharders and profoundly remember the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed the war in the anti-Japanese war.

More than 50 party members and cadres representatives in Bixi Street in Changshu City came to the Chinese Jindan wilder to land, mourning the death of the compatriots and sacrifices of the revolution. Wang Zhen, representative of party members and cadres, said, Don’t forget the national humiliation, cherish the situation, and cherish the life of a better peace. Jiangsu Radio and Television Headquarters · Mong Media News Center / Li Mingyang Guo Feng Ming Hu Chao Suyangtai Su Zhong Taijinhu Tai Lianyun Hong Kong Taiwan Received Collection Salt Tu Taijue (Editor-in: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.

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