The results of the second digital Sichuan Innovation Competition announced

  Innovation leads, and the data embraces the future.

On December 10, the second number of Sichuan Innovation Competition was announced in Dazhou. After more than 180 days, after the fierce competition of the initial competition, the finals, the finals, eventually produced 9 second prizes, 16 second prizes, three-class 24 prizes, 6 excellent work teams and investors reached a cooperation agreement. Peng Lin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, attended the awards ceremony and delivered a speech. As the pioneer of the digital Sichuan brand, the contest is hosted by the provincial data center, the provincial party committee network, the provincial development reform committee, the economic and information department, and has a total of digital intelligencers, algorithm competition, innovative application and digital government. Four major first-class tracks, set 10 subcrams, cover credit, ecological, and culture. Among them, Sichuan News, cover news jointly organized digital cultural algorithms, digital cultural content two subcircots.

  Since the opening of June, thousands of "Data" from universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, etc., have born nearly 300 ecological environment carbon neutrals, credit data, Sichuan Tianfu Health, Wenbao Data and other innovative applications and products.

On December 9, the contest welcomed the ultimate deal in Dazhou, 34 teams launched a competition in the scene of the scene, and finally born in the first, second and third prizes of this competition, they will jointly receive bonuses, mobile clouds The value of 6 million yuan in the resource, incubation of office space resources, etc.

  On the evening of the 10th, the results of the contest were unveiled, and 9 of Xiaomi spicy, generous beliefs, and carbon and trains were in the smart craftsmanship, algorithm confrontation, and innovative application. The list of Cases is released together. What is worth paying is that the multi-piece works of the competition have been favored by investors. 6 excellent works will be combined with the investors to better serve the competition in society.

  On the same day, the first Wanda opened digital economic integration development seminars, and Dazhou City concentrated on 4 digital economic projects.

(Reporter Yuan Chenglin Gao Jing) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].

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