Promoting historical active in highly historical consciousness

The Chief Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee is an important meeting to be underetened, and it reflects that the mature party firmly understands the historical vivid practice in high history consciousness. Deeply understanding and grasping this, we should become our future learning, publicity, implementation and implementation of the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session.

The Sixth Plenary Session highlights the glorious of the party’s highly historical consciousness. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the important speech at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference: "Our Party has always attached importance to learning education in party history, paying attention to the troping of party struggles and great achievements to encourage flock, clear direction, use the party’s glorious tradition and fine style Strengthen belief, cohesive strength, use party practice creation and historical experience enlightenment wisdom, 砥 砥 品.

"With the development of the party and the national undertakings, the development of the party’s theory and practice, standing in the new historical starting point, reviewing the past, looking forward to the future, a comprehensive system of the party’s 100-year struggle, both objective needs, also Subjective conditions. Therefore, our party is in the important historical history of the party and the people, and the first hundred years of struggle in the party and the people will be held in the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th National Conference towards the Supreme History of the Second Centennial Struggle. It is a glorious tradition of compliance with the trend of the times, born, inherit, and carry forward the highly historical consciousness and political consciousness of the party.

On the Sixth Plenary Session, on the Marxist position, fully utilize the historical and correct party history concept of the party’s 100-year struggle, and evaluate the historical process and major issues in the past 100 years, especially The positioning of the different stages of the Chinese national revival, proposes some new summaries, new laws, new ideas, such as the first time around "the great revival of the Chinese nation", the evaluation of the main tasks and role in the five historical stages The summary of Marxism China has repeatedly leaping; the expression of the era of China’s characteristic socialist thinking; about Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics is the essence of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit; Established the core of Xi Jinping’s Central Committee, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guiding position of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, developing the new era of the party and national business, and has decisive significance for promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation; Regarding the historical achievements of the 18th National Congress, historical changes occurred; the ten summary of the hundred years of historical experience; the summary of the five aspects of the historical significance of the hundred years, fully highlighting our height history Conscious and historical confidence.

The Sixth Plenary Session reflects the ability to control the party high. Historical consciousness is complementary and dialectical and unified. Historical consciousness is the premise and foundation of history. Mastering history is depends on historical consciousness. The higher the historical consciousness, the stronger the history of the history, and the history is also the development trend of historical consciousness and necessity.

Historical consciousness, which contains the deep feelings of historical operations, and includes active construction of social development prospects.

Historical development has its law, but people are not completely negatively passive. As long as the trend of development, the history of scientific use of the scientific use of the times can master the history of the development of the cause. At the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We must use history to reflect the reality, and see the future, see why we can succeed in the past, how can we succeed in the future, how can we continue to succeed? Thus, in the new journey, it is more firm and consciously remembers the initial mission, and create a better future. "Take the history, you can know, you can also create the future.

History not only contains our "where to come from" password, but also calibrate the road sign of our "Where to Go". To do today’s work, take a new mission, we must have a deep understanding of the party’s struggle yesterday, enhance the history of history in the study of historical experience, and grasp the history. The sixth conference reflects our party’s superb history, which is: First, an answer "why to summarize the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle", that is, under the establishment of a hundred years of history Comprehensively build a new erase for socialist modern countries, in the new era, adhere to the needs of socialism with Chinese characteristics; it is to enhance political awareness, overall consciousness, core awareness, consciousness, firm road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, system confidence, cultural confidence, and do To resolutely safeguard the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the party, the core status of the whole party, resolutely safeguard the party’s central authority and centralized leadership, and ensure that the whole party’s step forward is in advance; it is to promote the party’s self-revolution, improve the party struggle and respond The risk challenge ability, keeping the party’s vitality, unity and leads the people of all ethnic groups to continue to struggle for the Chinese dreams of the Chinese nation. The answer to the "three needs" reflects the strong issue of our party, the target orientation and results-oriented consciousness, showing the development of the party leading the era, mastering historical active festival confidence and determination.

The second is to reveal the password "In the past, how can we succeed", especially the "How do we continue to succeed in the future, that is, adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the people’s first, adhere to theoretical innovation, adhere to independence, adhere to China’s road, to adhere to the world, Adhere to the development of innovation, insist on dare to fight, adhere to the unified front, and adhere to the self-revolution. This "ten insistence" valuable experience is the complete system of system complete, mutual penetration, which deeply reveals the fundamental guarantee of the continuous success of the party and the people’s career, revealing the strength of the party to the unbeaten land, revealing the party leading The development of the times and master the root causes of historical active. The third is to issue mobilization order to enter the second hundred years of struggle, ask the whole party to keep in mind what the Chinese Communist Party is, what is going to do, call on all the people of all the people of the whole party to be more closely united in Xi Jinping comrades as the core Around the Party Central Committee, fully implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, vigorously promote the spirit of great Justice party, don’t forget yesterday’s suffering, innocent today’s mission, do not bear the great dreams of tomorrow, use history as a training, create the future For the courage to achieve the second hundred years of struggle for the second hundred years of struggle, the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation is unremitting.

The mobilization order that urges people showed that our party has a strong mobilization, organizational force and executive force that leads the era development and mastering historical proactive.

Promote the important revelation of historical active in high history consciousness. The Sixth Plenary Session reflects that the party firmly understands historical active vivid practice in highly historical consciousness, has important revelation. First, education guides party members and cadres to pay attention to improve historical consciousness.

Enhance historical consciousness, you must adhere to the historical matter of materialism, and stand on the people’s position correctly grasp the historical law; we must adhere to the correct party history, accurately grasp the theme main line of the party’s historical development, mainstream essence, correct understanding and scientific evaluation party Major events, important conferences, important people; must be two overalls of mind, and meet the trend of historical development. We grasp the historical general in the new era, we must "two big political", the "big people", continuously improve political judgment and political understanding. Second, education guides party members and cadres to be good at mastering history.

Being good at mastering history, it is necessary to be good at summing up experience. We must better deal with various foresight and difficult foresight risk challenges on the road. We must obtain enlightenment from history. Seize the opportunity, only to grasp the law of historical development and the trend, seize the opportunity of historical changes, and work hard, we can better advance; we must be brave enough to work, we must carry forward the great history The spirit of the establishment of the party, responding to the call of the Sixth Plenary Session, is sneaked to practice the initiative and mission of the party, and struggle for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The third is to guide the focus of education party members ‘cadres’ focus of strategy. At the Sixth Plenary Session, the party firmly grasped the historical active vivid practices in high history, it is to guide the goal of the second hundred years of struggle. Therefore, enhance historical consciousness, mastering historical proactive, is to achieve this goal.

This requires us to take the spirit of learning the Sixth Plenary Session as an opportunity, grow wisdom, improve unity, increase confidence, enhance the fighting spirit, focus on what we are doing, and make new journey in a more high-spirited posture.

It is particularly emphasized that we must firmly support and maintain the core status of General Secretary in Xi Jinping, and learn the guiding position of socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era. Only in this way, we can maintain the right forward direction under the overall development of the Great Renaissance Strategy of the Chinese Nation and the World Centennial, "Not afraid of floating clouds"; can always grasp the law, use Scientific World Views and Methods Top Proponance Development, respond to risk challenges, "chaotic clouds are still accompanied".

(Work: Professor Zhan Zhihua, Executive Dean of Marxist College, Fuzhou University).

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