Preventing cancer must screen (new vision)

  I have never thought of "negative" these two words are so cute until the cancer screening is performed. Not long ago, I participated in several cancer science activities, listening to experts, famous doctors, and the onset and treatment of intestinal cancer.

I don’t listen, I haven’t listened, I have listened to the cold sweat DC, especially when he heard a few major characteristics of intestinal cancer. Obesity does not love sports, middle; often eat fast food and bunch, middle; long-term sitting, medium; often drink big wine, medium; taste heavy no meat, neutral; year 40 years old In addition to family history, the factors that lead to intestinal cancer are almost all.

  The scalp is numb, and it feels that everyone is said to me every sentence. Plus a short video that has seen some cancer patients – short one year worker, a strong young man is tortured by intestinal cancer, the breath is awkward, it is terrible.

Don’t this matter to my head? When I returned home, my lover was busy in the kitchen. The little son on the bed will climb down, and the eldest son writes his composition in the room. ? So, the rice is not fragrant, the book does not look into, and the heart is not a taste.

  In the evening lying in bed, I thought about Cai Yugong, who was embarrassed, suddenly found some understanding him. He enjoys the rich, born, if it is ill, then he will lose, so he is very unwilling, not willing to believe the diagnosis of Bian.

This doesn’t like the truth of the current inspection – they feel that many diseases are checked out. If they are not checked, they will say that health is 1. Others are the latter 0, but we are busy, they are hopeful. Did it do 0, but take 1 to see it, put 1 as the default premise.

As everyone knows, this 1 is so fragile, which can turn the positive to negative overnight. I think of a famous gastrointestinal tumor expert in Shanghai. When diagnosed, it is already colon cancer combined with liver metastasis. Although it has passed the best treatment in China, the survival time is only two years, so the early screen is very important, Will have a good effect.

  So, I want to do a colonoscope.

Experts say that the colonoscope is a gold standard for colorectal cancer screening.

But I have hesitated before, because I thought of an investigation of an intestinal cancer screening: At that time, the doctor recommended that 1499 patients need to be a colonus screening, and the last% patient has chosen refuse, and when filling out the rejection Written two words: afraid of pain. Doing colonoscopy is not a comfortable experience.

Director of an internal mirror diagnosis center in Northeast also said: Make colonoscopy in a lot of people, that is, the synonym of pain, there is a patient to describe it. Moreover, it is quite difficult to do colonoscopy. Although the colonus is taking the drum, the screening cannot be done.

Later, I learned that there is a "multi-target feces Fit-DNA joint test technology", which is recommended by China’s colorectal cancer screening guide, so I find relevant institutions.

Not a few days came out.

  At that moment before opening the test report, I suddenly felt that I was standing on the crossroads of life. A road is a bright normal life, a road is a dark survival, completely different. Heartbeat, nervous, simply guess size, gambling death.

  Fortunately, "negative" two characters shot into the eye. Although the weather is gloomy, it is very mood, it seems that the fate is changed, the salted fish turned over, and the heart is heavy and the heart is removed. The family is wondering: How do you have a personal similarity today? A few days ago, the soul is not going to work, and today I am gone.

My heart said: Yes, life has not changed, and life is constant, it is the biggest happiness of middle-aged people.

  Since then, in order to live high quality, I give yourself a command: change unhealthy lifestyle! From today, do a healthy person, exercise, stop, in early examination; from today, eat more fruits and vegetables; I have a wish, not intensity cancer, spring blossom. .

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