Processor restored the whole process of "Nine Two Consensus" (especially concerned)

  "Nine Two Consensus" is a historical fact that Beijing Joint Taiwan Research President, Tang Shu prepares for the executive Vice President of the Maritime Association, and the origin of "Nine-two consensus" is that the two sides of the private group transaction will be opened. It is necessary to have a clear political consensus.

From the beginning of 1992 to early December, through the efforts of cross-strait supervisors and the Hong Kong Talks, and the several Chinese compartments of the mainland Maritime Association and the Taiwan Sea Shuihui, the two sides finally formed two sessions on each other in verbally expressing the "Straits The consensus of the principle of China, that is, "Jiuyi Concentures".

  In 1992, he served as Qiu Jinyi and Li Qingping, the deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Sea Shuihui, also confirmed the statement of Tangshi Preparation at the seminar in Beijing.

Qiu Jinyi also mentioned that the "Nine-two Consensus" has been a strong assistance of Ma Ying-Jiu, a deputy host member of the "Lu Commission".

  The leader of the Taiwan authorities, Ma Ying 9, attended the island to commemorate the "Nine-two Consensus", in the 20th anniversary of the "Nine Two Consensus", to the position of the witnesses, detailed the "Nine-two consensus" process, he and many times Emphasize that the "Nine-two consensus" complies with the "one China" meanings proposed by the "National Chamber of" National Committee on 1 August 1992. The above pro-experience confirmed that the emergence of "Jiuyi" is not coming, but white paper is black, there is a letter transfer, and the letter will be quoted once.

Ma Ying-jei also recalled that in 2000, I used the "Regional Committee of the Main Committee" to describe the 1992 consensus with the "Nine-two consensus", but some people say that "Jiu Two Consensus" is the foundation, In fact, he just gave a name for the consensus of the year, and the two sides did reach a consensus, and it was never fabricated.

  "Nine-two consensus" reflects the "Nine-two Consensus", the essence of "Nine-two Consensus" is to commit "adhere to a Chinese principle" on both sides, although both parties have different cognitive cognitions, "Jiu two consensus "On the one hand, it has maintained the most basic national identity on both sides, and on the other hand, the political differences between the two sides on a Chinese meaning.

It is a great encouragement for the "two China", "one middle one" and "Taiwan independence" political forces, and the huge encouragement of all the Chinese people who are looking forward to the coming of the two sides and the rejuvenation. In fact, "Jiu Second Consensus" itself fully reflects the highly political wisdom of both sides of the strait, reaching a consensus, and the Chinese people in the two sides of the strait in handling important political innovations in the process of cross-strait issues. Xinqi, Vice President of the Chinese Cultural Development Promotion Association, said that "Jiuyi" is the beneficial results of the official authorization groups on both sides of the strait. It is the crystallization of the two sides of the same deposits.

It is because there is a "Nine-two consensus" to persistence and the pursuit of the principle of the Central principle and the unity of the country. On both sides of the strait have the historic achievements of "Wang Qian talks", it has become an increasingly developed branch all-round. Exchange cooperation, there is only 18 implementation of the cross-strait direct two-way "three-way" implementation and ECFA and other 18 agreements, there is a new situation that is flourishing today. Huang Weitao, director of the Research Bureau of China, said in the seminar, General Secretary Hu Jintao mentioned in the 18th National Report on November 8 that both sides of the strait should abide by opposition "Taiwan independence" and adhere to the "Nine-two consensus". This is the first time the Chinese Communist Party wrote the "Nine-two Consensus" reported in the report of the National Party Congress, expressed its high attention to the "Nine-two consensus" and became an important policy proposition. There is no Qiu Jinyi in the "Nine-two Consensus" in the past 20 years. He hopes that there is a "post-nine-two consensus" – from "one middle table" to " The same table. "

  He said that this should be a step in cross-strait two sides to communicate over a deeper level.

On both sides of the strait to terminate the hostility, first build military mutual trust or synchronize to establish political mutual trusts, sign a peace agreement; both shots must not only have two conferences of the standing institutions, which should be a comprehensive agency, the affairs should be more, more comprehensive.

  The Chinese Military Science Society is a man-of-law, and the "post-1992 consensus" proposal, he also refined its clarity of the "Nine-two consensus" in the midst of "nine-two consensus"; let it be more inflated; The various tables "are" a Chinese common table "; open two-strait political consultation topics and military mutual trust. Taiwan expert Xu Bodong said, commemorating the "Nine-two Consensus" can’t just review the past, but also to commemorate its practical significance.

The facts of cross-strait relations development have proved that in 20 years, adhere to the "Jiu Second Consensus", cross-strait relations can develop smoothly and smoothly; violating "Jiuyi Consensus", cross-strait relations will suffer setbacks, and even face a serious crisis. With the continuous development of cross-strait relationship, the issues will enter the deep water area, but also adhere to the "Nine-two consensus", so that they continue to develop, keep pace with the times.

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