The plan changes the road twists and turns of Chinese students studying in Japan

Original title: plan changes Chinese students studying in Japan the road twists and turns China news agency, Beijing, December 9 (Wu Kan and Liu Yang) – To prevent the new virus Austrian crown Rong McCormick variants spread, in principle, Japan has announced a ban on all countries and regions the entry of foreigners. When this number of students accepted China news agency reporters Lian Xiancai and Fang Biaoshi, immigration policy changes affect their plans to study in Japan, when can school is still unknown.

  "Heard the news of Japan ‘disables all aliens’, looking at the entry to the information available is being prepared, I fell into deep frustration." After graduating from high school ready to go to the sub rather study in Japan, we have now got the "residence qualifications recognized book ", but by the impact of Japan’s immigration policy, his study of the road twists and turns.

  "Plan keep up with changes, November 8 Japan launched a phased immigration policy, I immediately began to prepare data entry, but the data just ready in half again to tighten immigration policy. In addition, I had an appointment in November to participate in Japanese Language Proficiency Test, interim exams announced the cancellation. "sub-Ning said.

  Currently sub-Ning has been actively communicating with Japanese language school, but got mostly reply to appease the like, and then advise you to wait patiently. "The future is unpredictable, I can only insist on learning the pro forma fully live up to their own efforts to pay before." Chen Lu in June last year to get Neno Tokyo Medical and Dental University professor (Professor agree to accept students verbal recognition), 7 May began to apply for admission, affected by the policy Japan multiple entry deferment, he has been waiting more than a year in the country.

  Chen Lu told reporters, because it is not immigration, in December last year she began as a distance learning auditor, the next epidemic cumbersome entry procedures, she did not rush after finishing the procedures in January of this year, we had to postpone enrollment again.

"For now, I will continue to miss next year April admission, enrollment is delayed by exactly two years time." Chen Lu and several students have similar experiences together is actively communicate with the Japanese school, hope the school can not be able to return to school students provide some help. "We have participated in some of the network and the network group lesson will be, but medical students to do experiments, laboratory equipment and laboratory needs, net lesson for our little significance.

"Chen Lu leaving the headache is due to the uncertain time abroad that he can not do the next plan.

"Before I was looking for in a job at a dental clinic, launched last month to hear the Japanese immigration measures in phases I quit my job, and now have to re-find a job, because I might go abroad at any time, we can not guarantee working hours, looking for work very difficult.

"Xu dihydrate is the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo monks (academic title, equivalent to Master of China’s) second year students, since last September, was admitted, he had not been able entry only at home online courses.

  "Last December I had the school to apply for immigration-related materials, January 13th material just to run, January 14 Japan announced ‘comprehensive restrictions on the entry of foreigners’, I was so very unfortunately missed the chance of entry. "after Xu dihydrate has been waiting at home, and good reading computer professional, a lot of learning tasks can be done remotely. Dihydrate Xu told reporters that they discussed many courses and research are conducted at the same time online and offline, but online students easily overlooked aspect of the exchange, it is difficult to really integrate teachers and classmates.

"If next year is still not immigration, I intend to consult and mentor, in collaboration with national research institutions or companies, do first study under some of the line, and then consider the next step." Chen Hui graduated this summer as universities, colleges and through domestic Japanese hospital school cooperation projects, cultural anthropology specializing in security research to Tokyo Keizai University, was supposed to be enrolled in September, enrollment time is now nowhere in sight.

  Chen Hui, such as that currently the school has not introduced measures to deal with immigration issues, I can only continue lessons at home online.

"I pay more attention to research and professional practice, not many Japanese data are not available, learning faced with bottleneck, it is difficult to enhance the ability of Japanese.

The moment I can only communicate with teachers and classmates, learn professional knowledge, to lay the foundation for future research.

"(Respondents should request the text Chen Hui, such as Xu dihydrate, son rather be a pseudonym) (Editor: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).

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