The "anti-fraud" of the police officer is coming.

Hebei public security anti-fraud police Chen Guoping: If you are deceived, timely alarm, give the police a accurate information, it is where your money goes to go.

The police will pay for timely, if this money can’t be paid, it is very troublesome later. Everyone knows that this new type of network illegal crime is new, and there is no contact, hidden hidden. If it is not funded, the difficulty of solving the case is very large. Everyone knows that this kind of crime is basically a gang, overseas, and has a certain difficulty.

So, really protecting our property or preventing.

Netizen questions: Chen police officer Chen Guoping: First of all, we remember, don’t greed, good color. Greed, good color is easy to be deceived, and there is also a big loss of greed and cheap.

Don’t be afraid of things, you must be awake. The link is not easy to point, for example, it is a text message, it is seen that the bank’s or the telecom department, remember, most of the links in the back is fake. The QR code should not be scanned, and the QR code can be "confirmation code", you will be lost at this time.

The verification code should not be easily telling other people, only you can know yourself. Verification code If you give others, all your passwords lose your password.

Netizen questions: Chen police officer, often see the case of being cheated on the Internet, and often stopping.

As a child, what should we do, can we effectively prevent parents from being cheated? Chen Guoping: The elderly are deceived and our young children have direct relationships.

Mainly because our young people are not concerned about the life of the elderly, Ignore the elderly, and the elderly may be deceived because the information is relatively occasionally. The method of lie to the elderly, mostly for fake health medicine, fake health food, fake health equipment, because many elderly people like health. In addition, "Our young people should instill some knowledge, thoughts, but not to ignore them.

We have to care, care for the elderly, and take a little more time to accompany them.

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