Three years recovered the medical insurance fund 34.875 billion in fraud defrauding, the maintenance of the main curb

People’s Network Beijing October 9 (Reporter Cui Yuanyuan) "Acquisition of medical insurance drugs from the medical insurance card to the hospital with the price of 3 to 50% of the drug price, or acquire other medical insurance cards to the hospital, pharmacy, etc. More than a large number of drug supply. Subsequently, the dealer is surprised by the social software, and the price is sold out to the price of about 6%.

"This is a fraudulent savor case found in the special rectification of fraudulent scams in this year.

From 2018 to 2020, it took 171 million households, investigated 860,000 times, recovered the medical insurance fund billion in recent years, with the sound and improvement of the national medical security system, the coverage and fund size of medical insurance continued to expand, risks The point also increases, and the illegal crimes of fraudulent medical security funds are high.

Duan Zhengming introduced, "Next, the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the supervision of the medical insurance fund will further enhance the comprehensive supervision capacity of the medical insurance fund. The National Medical Insurance Bureau issued the joint Ministry of Public Security" on strengthening the combination of fraud medical insurance funds Notice of connecting work, continuing to deepen the department linkage long-term mechanism, and always maintain high-pressure trends that combat the violation of laws and crimes of fraudulent medical insurance, and promote the supervision of medical insurance funds to the depth. "Duan Zhengming said.

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