Rocket missile launcher car header participates in the active exercise

  Tonight, the Military Army has a "enhancement version" – Rockets a missile brigade against drills "Is there a battle, put you into a desperate situation?" "Yes!" South China summer night, Rocket a missile tour Long cycle, multi-wave times, confrontational combat unit drills, let the missile launcher, the first-class sergeant Chang Shuyang realized "extreme challenge".

  Continuous conversion goals, motor transfer, fire, overdoors for more than 4 hours, the team arrived at the designated geographic. When I just removed the camouflage, I turned back and found that surrounded by sudden yellow smoke. Quickly put on protective clothing, out of the rolling "poison", Shu Shunyang gasped, hand-pulled the foot to the launcher, start the equipment. "The dollar is calculated, the request is …" The test end, Shu Shun Yang contacts the battalion, ready to check the test results.

Unexpectedly, half of the words, strong noise in the earphones, the signal is disconnected, and then lost. "Not good, the signal is disturbed!" After some debugging inspection, Shu Shunjun was sentenced to the situation, and the wired communication was immediately changed. After the communication with the battalion, the frequency modulation was switched, and the interference was effectively avoided, and the communication was restored.

  Just in addition to fault, encounter "special affairs." After receiving the command of the brigade command, "When the machine is turned into the new position, complete the battle launch" command, Shu Shun Yang immediately organized the equipment and the formation.

On the way, the blue army wearing a micro-light night vision instrument was hit, the front car was "fried" damaged, the driver was "injured", the team was blocked.

  "This is over," Shu Shun Yang said, "The Blue Army became strong!" The reason why "another", that is because of these years of confrontation drills, they have a lot of losses.

Before the start of the drill, the Yingli specially held a combat meeting to study on the various situations where possible. Who knows, the military use of the blue army tonight is "enhanced version".

  Search the blue army, treat the wounded, repair equipment, replace the backup driver, move the damaged vehicle, the team continues to advance … "The battle launch of the speed-saving speed is actually forced to fight.

"This night, for more than 20 years, Shu Shunyang, who participated in the size drill, was tossing enough. From the beginning of accepting orders, spread in the blue army of all points, it began frequent attack" difficult ": blowup road Sneaked in attack, communication monitoring, electronic interference … a confrontation drill, successively encountered more than 10 "special things".

  "Such a drill is really like a fight, it is enjoyable!" The battle ended, Shu Shi Yang took off the protective mask, and the head is full of sweat. This drill, they experience continuous multi-class devices, continuous high-intensity confrontation, continuous super-load fighting, long-term fighters, and difficulty in fault increased significantly higher than ever. "Have to adjust the status and put in follow-up training.

"Recalling the Mobilization Conference in the Year of the New Year, the" enhanced confrontational testability training, forcing the troops to the limit, training to the ultimate "requirement, strong" Panic "hit Shu Shun Yang.

Back to the tent, he looked at the class group, reflect on the list of questions, and developed a precise completion training program. Duan Dai Shang Zhao Wei plow.

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