People’s Daily Economic Time Comment: Develop a development of e-commerce law

  The e-commerce law should be a "development method", closely integrated with the characteristics of the Internet economy, to view e-commerce in the development of the eye, enhance the operability of the law, the development of the law, with "Double 11", surrounded by friends Our shopping carts were filled in advance.

It is foreseeable that this will be a madness "手", the merchant is full of carnival days.

  These years, the development of online shopping has a thousand miles away. According to statistics, in 2016, my country’s network retail market has exceeded trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 40%, accounting for the total retail sales of social consumer goods.

  However, behind the rapid development, it is the cruel reality of the barbaric growth of the e-commerce market.

On the one hand, consumers have repeatedly encountered counterfeit, price donaut, pay the trap, and faced with complaints, difficult to obtain evidence, difficult to defend the law; on the other hand, the merchant is also "rental jacket" "professionals ", Even a hacker, etc., etc. This kind of problem, straightforce the lack of legal norms, shortages.

Such a huge e-commerce market, there is currently no special law to coordinate specifications.

Despite the relevant administrative regulations, courts, procuratorates, etc., etc.

  On October 31, the thirtieth meeting of the 12th National People’s Congress Standing Committee has reviewed the draft e-commerce law, which makes people see the dawning of the rule of law. Compared to an instance, the second instance of the drafts protects more ink to consumer rights and more. Whether requiring e-commerce operators to make user evaluation, but also improve the e-commerce dispute processing specification; whether it is clarified the legal responsibility of the e-commerce platform, it is clearly divided into electronic payment responsibilities, and it is aimed at actual life. Highlight problems, providing powerful legal tools for better protection users and consumer rights. The introduction of the e-commerce law is the period of the year, but we should notice that today’s e-commerce development is rapidly, far exceeds the speed of law development, modification. E-Commerce Law should be a "development law", closely integrated with the characteristics of the Internet economy, to view e-commerce, enhance the law’s operability and extending expansion, so that it can really become the field of e-commerce Dinghai.

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