Printed claims Hunan Agricultural and Information System Helps Rural Revitalization to create a collaborative and government work system

People’s Network Changsha November 10 (Wu Wei) In order to fully carry forward democracy, he really listened to public opinion, widely concentrated the people’s mind, and strive to condense the people, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee from October 25th, "welcoming the party" in the province from October 25th The conference, written a new chapter "" Printed ".

Since the start of the event, Hunan Agricultural Credit System rapidly organizes, actively promoting suggestions, based in the field of the industry, in-depth analysis of research industry trends, and is committed to letting villagers really enjoy the policy dividends of credit, and injected financial "live water" for entity economic development. Provide strong financial support for rural revitalization. Hu Shanliang, Party Committee, Chairman of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank, proposes to explore the establishment of a more efficient "Three High and Sixth New" financial services platform, with industrial chain as a hub, focusing on the transformation of scientific research achievements, key projects, and capital market operations, etc. Key links, integrating resources such as government, finance and industries, forming directive "service list", establishing "three high four new" financial services ecological and financial mutual aid mechanisms.

At the same time, give full play to Hunan Agricultural Letter Covering a wide range of local financial system services, integrating the resources and industrial advantages of all districts and counties in the province, through government policy guidance and financial mechanism innovation, enhance the "three high four new" related industries The overall driving ability of local economy.

"In the province, the province includes the 18th cave in Huayuan County, the province, the general process, the financial institution’s innovation policy system, service model, incentive constraint, and fully provide services.

"Tian Tani, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the Huayun Rural Commercial Bank, said that the rural revitalization, the role of the financial" live water ", including the" two rights "mortgages, including the" two rights "mortgage, including Expand financial services coverage; promote financial services and build a full-chain industry depth integration; promote financial support for e-commerce development, building modern rural market systems, circulation systems, create replicated and promoted Hunan experience in the revitalization of financial services industry.

Li Bing, Party Committee and Vice-President, Huaihua Rural Commercial Bank, should increase the support of monetary policy, credit policy and fiscal policy.

It is recommended that the central bank provides special loans for the green industry projects to further increase the green credit transfer for the Rural Commercial Bank to provide low-cost financial support; it is recommended that the supervision department is for the green credit business, properly improve the risk capacity of green credit, and further clearly understand the exclusive exclusive scope Improve the enthusiasm of green credit; recommend the financial department to invest high, light assets, cycle long characteristics, with enterprises, guarantee institutions, and banks, to increase interest rates in the development of high, light assets, cycle long characteristics, with enterprises, guarantee institutions, and banks.

"We must rely on the local government to do a good job of publicity, and we should assist the local government to do a good job in people’s livelihood." Yiyang Rural Commercial Bank Zhang Jiazi Branch Comprehensive Cabiner Shi Dan combined with many years of grassroots work experience, it is recommended that the agricultural system system can further implement The grassroots visits, through the formation of cooperation, integrate into the grassroots governance, and firmly communicate with the local government.

It is recommended that the local government and the Rural Commercial Bank will strengthen the construction of a total of cooperation, explore the customer manager to the village committee to sit, and give full play to the role of "financial three" and "financial village official", and do a good job in grassroots financial services, build temperature Bank of the People.

"Currently, especially in the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, doing a good job in Hunan Rural Financial Work, it is recommended to support the development of rural small and medium-sized financial institutions, agricultural rural data construction and information sharing, agricultural industries risk sharing and risk compensation, excellent financial talents and The introduction of agricultural science and technology talents introduced more substantive and effective initiatives, promoting the formation of collaborative governance, and guaranteed a strong rural financial work system.

Liu Xionglu, the total auditor of the Hunan Provincial Rural Credit Association, and the Minister of Organization Department, said that we must focus on implementing the implementation of the "three high four new" strategy, building modern new Hunan, and conscientiously planning the new chapter of Hunan, the financial development.

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