There is "color value", but also "temperament"

Original title: There is "color value", there must be "temperament", Qianfu Town, Longwo Village, thousands of acres of kiwifruit base set agriculture.

The reporter Zheng Fi photo "has changed very large in the past few years, and every household has a new building, the cement road is connected to the door, but also installed the solar street lamp.

One to night, there is a bright root, although it is a countryside, but the life of people in the city is almost.

"September 30, 4 groups of Yuefang Lingcun, Fushi Town, Shangnan County, Huang Xingju, peeled with corn while sitting in front of the door, chatting with us. On her feet, half gold Corn Corn grains in the autumn The sun is shining, full and fresh. Walk in the rich town in the autumn, the street is wide and clean, the shop is in order, the road is in order, the road is all over the country, "all over the ground," a vibrant scene.

  Tian Pei training in the party secretary of the Fushui Town said: "We are aiming to create a provincial-level national tourism demonstration town goal, accelerate the construction of beautiful villages, vigorously develop modern agriculture, deepen the spirit of spiritual civilization. Now, the village is clean and beautiful, the people ‘pockets’ ratio Drums, fellowship, bad windstocks, the rural and happiness index greatly increased.

"The village is more and more beautiful in Fujian Town, located in the junction of the two provinces in Shaanxi, is the first trade-in town in Henan.

According to the overall deployment of the "one heart three with five consecutive" planning layout, Fuquui Town is based on "Chengfu Integration" and builds the "Deputy Center" of the county city, formulating the "rich water town overall development plan" "rich water Characteristic Town Conceptual Planning "The Key Plan of the Development Plan for the Beautiful Village Development Plan" in Fushui Town. Relying on planning leadership, Fushi Town implements projects to drive strategies, and increase investment in the town, in the 5th village of Wangjialou, Wangjiazhuang, Tea Wen, Fushui Street, Yangqi Village, improve infrastructure and Public service facilities, developing modern agriculture and rural tourism. Yang Quncun implemented hardening, purification, greening, brightness, and beautifying the "five-way" project in the beautiful rural construction, and has been renovated on 130 households along the King Avenue. The household cement road is 2500 meters, and there is 180 solar street lights on both sides of the main road; according to the "industrial construction in the park, the village is built in the garden" thinking, carefully create "Agricultural Park", "Love Gallery", The special projects such as Heart Lake add more charm to the village.

  "In the past few years, the village has changed greatly. Every household covers new buildings. The cement road is connected to the door, but also installed the solar street lamp, the environment is large." Yang Qi Village Document Li Rui said, "Not only why, this village is still living Comfortable, every weekend, there are people in the county or neighboring towns to play.

"In order to make the town" color value ", Fuquui Town combines beautiful rural construction with rural environment, and issued the" Implementation Plan of Rural Environment in Fuwu Town ", established environmental hygiene Manage long-term mechanisms.

  In April this year, Fushui Town launched a hundred-day actions of the "Cleaning Action" in the village, and the rivers along Wangjiazhuang and Yangqi and other 4 villages were carried out, and the masonry wall on both sides of the river was reinforced. The Tongcun Highway in the town is fully cleared, and the whole town is new. The villagers are getting more and more autumn, and the pedestrians are scarce, but they are hot in the black paint river village, 6 kilometers away from the town government.

On the road to the river on the other side of the river, you can see the car in the base of the mushroom base, carrying the bamboo basket, moving the mushrooms of the plastic basket through the steel frame. They pick mushrooms, saying that mushrooms, handling mushrooms, busy. "Old Yang, this year’s mushrooms are harvested, how much can I earn now?" There was a villager asked 7 groups of mushrooms to plant large households.

  "This year, the price of mushrooms is better than last year. The first mushroom has just ended, and each bag can earn two more money. The first mushrooms have made this money almost earned, and the income of the back is net earned.

"Lao Yang said happily in picking mushrooms.

  Fu Shui Town is suitable for local conditions, implemented a village one policy, one village, one product, 335 mu of land in the black paint river and other villages, build 257 standardized mushroom sheds, planting a mushroom 1.2 million bags, and vigorously develop the mushroom industry. At the same time, the town has also been equipped with a standardized bacteria pole processing plant and a mushroom preservation library, and the mushroom industry has made the whole industry chain in the production and supply and marketing, which has driven more than 690 people in the town to achieve income.

  Fushui Town puts the industry to highlight the three major leading industries of "tea, bacteria, fruit". In accordance with the concept of "scientific layout, park construction, industrialization management", focus on the construction of ecological tea gardens in Longwo, Oilfangling, Majiagou, Tea Square, etc. Brand "target, with black painthe village as the center, radiation mulberry tree, loess convex and other villages, build thousands of bags of edible bacterial industry base; relying on the leading land of Yangqi, Wangjiazhuang and other villages, build a kiwifruit industry base. At present, Fushui Town "Longwo Village-Yilou Village-Majiagou Village-Tea Village-Wangjiazhuang Village-Black Paint River Village" is 23 kilometers long, with an area of ??34 square kilometers, kiwi, edible bacteria industry belt Formation, becoming the "hard support" of strong town.

  In September 2019, Fuquan Town was identified as "National Tea One Village Demonstration Town"; in April this year, it was listed as "2020 Agricultural Industry Strong Town" by the Department of Agricultural Rural Areas. A few years ago, a few years ago, 4 groups of villagers in the black painthe village Yin Ze was in the nearly 80th parents. Yin Zhiliang closed the store of the business, concentrated on taking care of parents at home. During his parents, he and his wife were taken care of, and every day guarded before the bed, carefully carefully.

On July 15 this year, Yin Zhiang won the second quarter of 2020, filial piety, love, "Shangluo".

  The rich water town has worked to deepen the construction of spiritual civilization, and the "temperament" is enhanced in a simple village style.

They use the "Arbitra" as the starting point and promote the wind.

The 13 villages (communities) in the whole town have formulated the village regulations, established the villagers’ council, the Tao Telebles, the anti-drug ban, the Red White Council, relying on "Arbitrals Four Sessions" to curb the rules and regulations, advocate the civilization New wind. Among them, the Red White Council of Villages fully played the role, and the wedding marriage and married big operations were draded, and the economic burden of the masses was effectively reduced.

According to incomplete statistics, only in 2019, the town has a bridestime to pay 156 red and white things, and save money. At the same time, Fushui Town also actively carried out a civilized family, ten-star civilized households, good people, moral model, good in-laws, good children, decentralized beef soldiers and other selection activities. In the first half of this year, the town has carried out 14 selection activities and recognized various advanced typical more than 100 people.

  Wu Chengji, secretary of the party branch of Oilfang Lingcun, said: "Now the blind comparison is less, diligent and saving; Hu Jut is less wrapped, there are many ways to talk about it; . Life is getting better and better.

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