Strong high quality and high quality development, the strength of the first three quarters in the first three quarters of the Binhai New Area

  Golden Autumn’s Binhai New Area is colorful, vibrant. One wave of good news came one after another: Intelligent container operation, the whole process of the terminal operation is zero-carbon emissions; the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei specialty cytotal test area is set up, which will build a cell industry aggregation area integrated with R & D, transformation, application, and production, and promote the innovation of cells and genetic technology. Development, gather the global cell industry high-end innovation resources collection gathering city; China’s first marine oil and gas equipment "Intelligent Manufacturing" project started, Novoord completed the 8th capital increase in the new district … Tianjin Port North Xinzhou C-section intelligent container The terminal project is smooth through the completion acceptance according to the newly released digital, the first three quarters of this year, the newly promoted and promoted, the new move can accelerate the introduction, the economic operation trend is good: the total production value increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%; The total output value of the industrial output value above the scale, the average growth rate of two years; the actual use of domestic capital, the year-on-year growth%, the average growth rate of two years; the actual use of foreign capital billion yuan, the year-on-year increase%, two years average growth rate% … New Area Accelerating traveling on high quality development in the posture of running. The "cytok" test area of ??Binhai High-tech Zone has accelerates the promotion of new technological energy and accelerates in the west side of Tianjin High-tech Zone Ocean Science and Technology Park, and the total investment billion National Network Safety Industrial Park is in full swing.

Since the start of April this year, 11 companies such as Fengthen, Qilin, Great Wall Computers, 360 Government and Enterprise Safety Group, Tianjin Enciprocating Incubator have signed an industrial cooperation framework agreement with the High-tech Zone Management Committee, and signed with national network security industrial park property rights. Interested settlement framework agreement. After this project is completed, it will provide carrier and platform for the speed of the leading enterprises, kinetic energy conversion, and the bridge of industrial ecological construction and innovation achievements, and promote the construction of "China’s Xinchuang Valley" into the expressway. . China’s letter Chuanggu is a maintenance direction of manufacturing strong district during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period of the new district, accelerating the direction of new and old kinetic energy conversion. This year, the new district has fully constructed the development of the development of the industry.

At present, the national superior Tianjin center, Feiteng CPU, Kirin operating system, dawn high-performance computer, Ziku Yun and other indigenous leaders and innovation centers, form domesticated characteristics, cover "chip-machine terminals – Operating System – Application Software – Information Security Services – Overall Solutions Industrial System, Scholarship Industry The overall scale of nearly 46 billion yuan. "Here, we will jointly seven domestic letter and other leading enterprises, forming the Tianjin Advanced Operation System Innovation Center, focusing on the development of technology research and development and key technology.

The center brings together 13 famous academicians and experts, and established a lettermaster industry alliance, covering more than 100 union companies related to information security, providing better relying on China’s Xinchuang Valley in science and technology innovation.

"Senior Vice President of Kirin Software said.

It is also a powerful aggregation effect, and a "card neck" technology problem in China is gradually overcome.

Fengthen’s new generation of chip technology also officially approved the national artificial intelligent innovation application pilot this year, and will build "artificial intelligence + letter" and other advantageous industrial clusters, build "artificial intelligence + letter" Common technology hard platform and innovative service soft platform, promoting artificial intelligent industries to make up the chain, injecting strong new kinetic energy for future innovation development in the new district.

  From the development of the strategic emerging industry, the State Council is commended to Xinchuang Valley, the artificial intelligence innovation application pilot area, the cytokan, etc. Grab the high industrial development system. According to statistics, the output value of the new district high-tech manufacturing industry in the first three quarters of this year has a large-scale industrial specificance. Among them, the increase in output value in the manufacturing industry in aerospace, electronic and communication equipment is more than 30%, and the medical manufacturing industry has grown%.

Serving robots, new energy vehicles, integrated circuit production, respectively, and double.

  Capturing the opportunity of Beijing Enterprise Project Accelerates the landing "It is really that the company will have no work. After investigation in China, we finally chose the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park. The corresponding talent landing policy can help the company solve a lot The landing needs of high-tech talents. "Beijing Tianyi Times Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Li Zhuo said that the company is the core technical team and production unit of China Railway Corporation China Railway Science Research Institute robot AI algorithm and artificial intelligence equipment, not long ago In the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park established Tianjin R & D and Production Center. Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park and on the same day, Millennium Liyuan (Beijing) Investment Co., Ltd. also chose "Hand" Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park. This comprehensive industrial investment company, commercial real estate development and management, independent brand, international trade, and foreign investment four major sectors, will create commercial projects in Huangang in the future, and help urban supporting functions. From Beijing to Binhai New Area, from startup of the industry to the industry, more and more Beijing-Enterprise look at the development prospects and quality services in China and Binhai New District, come to root layout. Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park is too convenient, not only don’t have to go to Tianjin, but so many documents are one-time! "Jing Chenghui Technology Co., Ltd. staff Xiao Mr. Xiao has recently been in Beijing City Deputy Center Government Service Center" The cross-domain-based service area, successfully receiving the company’s business license and publication business license in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

  This year, the Binhai New District took the initiative to deepen cooperation with Beijing City, Tongzhou District in the field of government service field, and promoted the multi-sectoral joint operations of the two places, providing the applicant "Inter-provincial uniform + a good one thing" theme service.

Originally, it is necessary to go to 20 days of departments in two regions. Through the approval of the two places in Beijing, I have implemented a window to handle, 2 days, and greatly facilitate the enterprise to do, and have attracted many Beijing enterprises to settle down. According to statistics, the first three quarters of this year, the Binhai New District undertake 965 Beijing non-Capital functional discovery projects, and the agreement investment billion yuan, 154 new enterprises to complete registration, registered funds 59.4 billion yuan, including 45, 45 Registered fund billion.

  After the big project accelerated the construction and development, the newly started construction, and the high-quality industrial project under construction continued to deliver nutrients for the high quality development of Binhai New Areas. Only in the spring key construction projects, it includes 44 compliance with Jinshan Cloud (Tianjin) Yixianyuan Cloud Computing Data Center, Liandong U-Binhai Science and Technology Port, Efficient Solar Solar Silicon Single Wisdom Wisdom Factory Quality Projects of "1 + 3 + 4" Modern Industrial Industry System. "This project plan is the core cloud computing base of Jinshan Yun North, a total of 6,700 cabinets, not less than 80,000 physical servers.

"The relevant person in charge of the project said that after the project is completed, it will become an important part of the company’s layout global" new infrastructure ", providing infrastructure support for Jinshan cloud core cloud computing business, and is the Jinshan Group, Xiaomi and its ecological chain enterprises. Providing the business support of the infrastructure cloud service, the output value can reach around 1 billion yuan. The Kangshino Biological New Crown Vaccine Phase III Production Base Products officially launched the Kangshino Biopranite Co., Ltd. in the West District, Tianjin, this year is a piece. After the product is officially launched in the three-phase production base, its refrigerated distribution center project also officially launched construction. After completion of the project, it is expected to store 2 billion to 3 billion products, the products needed to produce the package materials required. In order to address the new hair, the emergence of major infectious diseases is strongly guaranteed. According to statistics, there are 196 in the first three quarters of this year, including 196 new construction projects, including the Kangshino refrigerated distribution center, medium and energy-saving photovoltaic composite power generation projects, etc. The total investment scale is 162 billion yuan; 93 completed projects, such as "Aiqihai Shopping Park" commercial complex, Lingba Momo 2 terminal project, total investment scale 55 billion yuan, expected annual new output value 58 billion yuan At 687 projects, the total investment scale is 77.81 billion yuan, mainly with Huadian Nanang thermoelectric project, Toyota New Energy Automobile Project and the second factory of electricity electronics, highlight the potential and post-strength of service area development.

(Zhao Xianji).

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