Southwest Jiaotong University: "Four Decoction" promotes theme education

[University of the Topics] Southwest Jiaotong University: "Four Skills" Promotion Theme Education January 08, 208 08 08:36 Source: Southwest Jiaotong University Party Committee will carry out the theme education of "unforgettable, retention of mission" as a majorPolitical tasks, in accordance with the general requirements of "Guan Kexin, Bearing, Looking for Differential, Confucius", to learn from the main line of studying the socialist socialist thinking of Xi Jinping, adhere to the "four sub-success", and earnestly let the teachers and students feelNew weather brought to the subject education.

In the learning education, the foundation of the ideological, the party committee of the Soul of Faith, the party committee of the belief, study in-depth study, the new era, the socialist thinking, focus on the intersection of the traffic, the construction of strong countries, based on the actual school, and educate party membersThe Cadre Warm Party has promoted the teachers and students to report the party to the party.

Adhere to leading cadres leaders.

The school leadership team leads to demonstration, formulate a personal self-study plan; formulates the leadership team of the leadership team to concentrate on studying programs, study the party committee theory study center group, the topic study class, etc. The initiative and mission. Adhere to the second-level party committee quickly follow up.

The school level deploys 27 learning topics. All secondary grassroots party organizations rely on the "three sessions", the theme party, etc., combining the theme education and celebrating the founding of New China, further stimulating the responsibility of teachers and students to serve the country and people And mission.

Adhere to the Party Branch Comprehensive Covered.

All 608 party branches of the whole school have carried out the topic of educational learning. The Teacher Party Branch combines the development of the teacher’s head of teachers’ heads, inviting the "70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China". "

In the investigation and research, the problem is found, find the problem, explore the resolution of the school party committee around the "initial heart and mission" theme, to conduct investigations to the teachers and students of the whole school, collect the construction of the party, ideological and political work, "double first" 13 major categories of construction and other 80 issues.

Adhere to the topic research. On the basis of theoretical learning, the research, the school party committee determines the topic of the school leaders, 337 leading cadres, and the school leadership team took the initiative to convene various symposiums, on-site office, etc. (Saix), a number of research reports have been formed, convene a school leadership team research results exchange meeting, and timely study the work initiatives to solve problems.

Adhere to crack the problem in the survey. For the problems found in the research process, the school party committee insists on the establishment of the establishment of standing, knowing that it is changed, promoting the technical title review conditions, the improvement of students’ learning living conditions, the historical legacy issues in the school running, difficult, report Two 23 questions. Stick to find a gap by viewing questions. The school focuses on solving the problem of party members, cadres themselves, especially the root of the ideological roots, and combed 10 project leaders’ programs to resolve 10 outstanding problems, and provide precise targeting for rectification. In-depth research and research, widely listened to teachers and students, and the school party committee is more clear and weak in the development of reform and construction, and the direction of the main attack is also clearer. In the implementation of the top and down, solving the most realistic stakeholders of teachers and students, the party committee concentrate on the development of the school’s special rectification plan and rectification plan, strengthen the coordination, strengthen the system guarantee, and ensure that the problem rectification does not take the form, not to go. Grasp the special rectification work. The eight aspects of the school focusing on the central government have repeatedly studied the special rectification work program to formulate 50 remediation initiatives, and clearly rectify key points, target requirements and responsible units.

Grasp the rectification work. The principal’s responsibility system under the leadership of the school focused on the party committee, the grassroots party organization construction, the construction of teachers team, the highlights of the teacher, the work, and the work of the student community, the intense problem, forming a rectification plan, clear 70 rectification tasks. Strengthen system guarantee. The school has established a problem rectification to implement the account "registration" and "sales number" system, clarify the leadership, lead the department, participate in the department and complete the time limit, and implement the "sales number" by one by one. Persist on the opening of the door, fully listening to the issues involving the interests of teachers and students, and accepting the supervision of teachers and students throughout the journey.

Through knowing that it is changed, it will resolve more than 40 teachers and students reflect the problems in time. At the same time, the formulation of the formulation of the task is clearly established, and the teacher-student employee will also see the determination and responsibility of the school party committee to solve the problem, and enhance the cohesiveness and heart force of the whole school.

In the promotion of the development of the context, the conscious school party committee to enhance the service party and the national strategic demand combine the theme education and the implementation of the reform and development, and the ideological and political work is to accelerate the combination of "double first-class" construction. With the construction of strong country of conscious service, "a belt all the way" construction, Sichuan Tibet Railway construction, etc., combined with major strategic demand, transforming the spirit of struggle in the theme education into implementation of "four services".

Further look forward to the development orientation.

The whole school reached a broad development consensus: aiming in the development goal of "China Characteristics, World Level", building a unique, horizontally and first-class rail transit discipline, and vigorously cultivating the exclusive traffic talents, the party and the state give the southwest Jiaotong University’s era mission .

Further stimulate the universal god of business.

The majority of party members and cadres attack hard, and the universal spirit of officers is more strong, focus on serving party and national strategic needs, and effectively promotes the deep level of the school, and has strongly promoted the school and quickly develop.

Further highlight the solid practical effect. The school actively promoted the service of the construction of Sichuan Railway construction, led the building of key technology and technological innovation and talent training cooperation with talent training, the first "Engineering Doctor Sichuan Special Class" officially opened, signed more than 60 scientific research cooperation projects, struggling Research on the Key Technology of Rail Transit Scientific Device. The Party Committee of Southwest Jiaotong University will implement the important discussion of China’s characteristic socialist thinking and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, "Unforgettable, Keep Remember Mission" in the new era of China. The institution has implemented landing and solid promoting the rectification of rectification tasks, making a satisfactory answer to the party and people.

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