Shanghai garbage classification has been implemented in 100 days: residents are generally involved, and the effect is super-expected.

As an important part of high quality life, domestic garbage classification has become increasingly high year, and the "garbage bubble" and a series of social contradictions have made it a city governance "the first difficult" in the world. " General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "garbage classification is a new fashion", providing guidelines and directions for Shanghai to promote garbage classification. Based on national strategies and local challenges, Shanghai has taken the lead in launching domestic garbage classification legislation to practice, from the process of action programs to implement, the garbage classification "attack" has already accelerated. Unlike smoking, the fireworks and firecrackers are different, and the garbage classification is almost a crowd, all-weather social practice, and also reshape garbage production – the lifestyle innovation of the chain, requires society, the competent department provides a variety of hardware and software support, Especially the participation of social forces in all aspects. In practice, Shanghai is fully stimulating the enthusiasm and initiative of all subjects of society, and putting it with administrative strong system and social atmosphere to participate in organic combinations such as social (organizational, etc.) and community autonomous treatment. Classification awareness and behavioral habits explore an effective practice path.

From a deepest sense, the continued effective promotion of domestic garbage classification is still effective in China in recent years, "should govern the city as embroidered as embroidered", from the leadership of the party construction Public participation, supplemented by technical support, domestic garbage classification, has become an important point of improving urban good governance, but also provides powerful support for Shanghai’s urban acceleration towards "ecological city".

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