Paradise Mauritius is polluted by more than 1,000 tons of fuel leakage, thousands of volunteers spontaneously clean up oil

Paradise Mauritius is polluted by more than 1,000 tons of fuel leaks, thousands of volunteers spontaneously cleaned up the oil source: CCTV News Client Time: August 25, 2020 African Island Mauritius, located in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, beautiful scenery, is known as "Human Paradise"The island country is now in a terrible "ecological crisis".

All this is from July 25th, a freeway of fuel, accidentally stranded in the southeast of Mauritius.On the evening of July 25 local time, there were about 4,200 tons of fuel "," in a state where there is no slow reduction, there is a coral reef from the southeast coast of Mauritius.The freighter is stranded, and 20 crews immediately safely evacuated.

In the next two weeks, the Mauritius government and the female buser of the incident, the Japanese Bouvery Boat and the Leased Company Japanese Mashang Sanjing consultation accident treatment, the stranded freighter has been stopped in place.

Until On August 6, the right-conversion fuel tank of the trip unit was broken and fuel spilled. Black fuel is drifted from the freighter to Algrete, Mueburg, Fern and Bangbvi, about 25 kilometers along the coastline. On August 7, the Government of Mauritius announced that it entered the "environmental emergency", claiming that the country has no capacity to handle such large oil leakage accidents, to the French and Indian government.

French Prime Minister Marklon then sent a warship, a military aircraft, and related experts to Mauritius. The Indian government also sent an oil spill recovery expert and transported 30 tons of fuel cleaning equipment. On August 10, the mother-of-Japanese government of the accident trip was sent to Mauritius.

But then about 1,000 tons of fuel leakage.

Traveler Esno: It is sadly the fuel pungent, and it is oil. Local residents, social organizations and environmental issues spontaneously organized to clean up the coastal oil.

Local resident volunteers: We are obliged to do something.

If we don’t care, who can manage, who will do these work.

All of us united together, right, yes, unity is power. Everyone gives a effort that every power will help.

A village in Mauritius southeast coast, gathered thousands of volunteers, they used plastic bottles, sugar cane, towels, straw and other items to drive the oil bar, volunteers opened the boat put the oil bar to float. Near the oil, preventing further diffusion of oil.

To clear the oil that has been drifted to the shore, volunteers can only shovel the oil into the waste barrel. But in the mangrove area, people can only use hands out of oil.

Local residents: In the depths of these mangroves, fuel is filled with fuel.

Take a look, a bucket is taken, the viscous oil is comparable to the crude oil.

Look at the place where the mangrove tree roots, the scorpion, I really don’t know how to clean it, and then look at this. At present, the main force of oil and pollution near the coast is this group of volunteers. Because the oil absorption effect is better than the straw, the local and even set off a "haircut", the barber shop also provides free service for residents who want to donate their hair.

Barber cleier: (we) will collect hair to volunteers, (they) will put them in the oil bar, the hair oil absorbing effect is very good, not to absorb the water … Local resident: Want to save us ourselves? Come to the store to cut your hair.

At present, the accident investigation is still advancing.

The Central Criminal Investigation Department of Mauritius arrested the Captain of the Care Wheel "Rano" and Sri Lanka.

On the afternoon of August 18, the captain and the big deputy were in court in the Capital Route Court of Mauritius.

According to Mauritius National TV Network, the captain claimed: At that time, the freighter was taken near the coastline, which was to obtain a mobile phone signal.

He admitted that he used to drive.

According to the satellite data, the freighter is stranded 4 days, which is on July 21, starting to deviate from the normal waterway. In the next few days, the Mauritius Coast Guard has tried to contact the freighter several times, warned its route very dangerous, but no reply.

The Japanese merchant Sanjing Company of the Rent "Rano" is confirmed that it has deviated from the normal route 55 nautical miles when the Thae will deviate from the normal route.

The cause of the accident is too close to the island when the freighter is sailing, why is it close to be so close? The Government of Mauritius said that it will seek compensation to the "Ruoyi" ship, the shipowner of the "Rano".

Japanese Shipowners Insurance Association (JAPANPICLUB) predicts that the amount of compensation for this accident is expected to be approximately 2 billion yen, about 18.87 million US dollars. However, the impact of fuel leakage on the environment and causes damage, it is difficult to estimate money. The marine protected area designated by the Esny Corner Wetland, the International Wetland Convention is one of the most sensitive areas of Mauritius ecology, and is also a region of fuel contamination. It is estimated that there are about 1700 species, including more than 800 fish, 17 marine mammals and Turtles facing the pollution threat caused by this fuel leak. In the past 35 years, the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation has cultivated about 200,000 local native trees in order to protect the ecosystem, cultivated about 200,000 local native trees and introduced the endangered birds. However, this effort may be paid in the east of these more than 1,000 tons of fuel leakage. Mauritius Wild Animal Foundation John: We have been re-introducing unique species, such as olive embroidered eyebirds, red neck green, Mauritius, now the survival of these species is threatened by this accident … fuel odor will affect All animals on the island, we have done in the past 35 years, may be destroyed once. More than 1,000 tons of fuel leaked, covering the sea, which can lead to biological poisoning and suffocation of the ocean.

Toxic hydrocarbons released in fuel will also suffocate coral. The coral reef is called the rainforest in the ocean, about 25% of fish depend on coral reef. Coral reef also protects the coastline from storms and erosion, and is also an important tourist resource in Mauritius. The ocean scholar Take Pamu, a disaster survey, said that the impact of this fuel pollution on local ecology is long, and natural environment recovery may take decades, some of which are even irreversible.

Ocean scholars Catamu: Affected is not only an ecological environment, but also an economy, and many local people are living with fisheries. There are also many hotels here, visitors are the hotel’s economic source. The freighter is stranded for nearly one month, and fuel leaks on the environment and economy of Mauritius, how much is it, and still observed and evaluated.

According to statistics, in the past 50 years, more than 100 countries around the world have been affected by marine oil leakage.

In the first decade of the 21st century, the average annual oil leakage incident occurred, which not only seriously destroyed the ocean ecological environment, but also in the air and soil, it was difficult to recover the earth environment.

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