Panda Community Town Story | From the history of the Yue New Town, it is Shibo Beach, Xindu District, Chengdu

  They are small and beautiful exquisite spaces, which is the poetic link between the city and the township.

They present a variety of forms of small towns, and they will continue to be new.

There are many stories in small towns, there are our common spiritual homes in the story, and there are also the future we are struggling. The stone beach is located in the Xindu District, Chengdu, has a long history. In the Qing Dynasty, there is a reputation of "the first five major trace towns in Dongshan" in the Qing Dynasty. Relying on the two leading industries, there are now a fusion track and active city and aviation port two 1 square kilometers of the core area of ??the new city. Shi Beach is a small town with innovative and inclusive spirit, and the Hakka language, customs, and etiquette have reheated it.

The stone beach is located in the heart of Chengdu Dongshan Hakka, the center of Hakka, accounting for more than 90%, the whole urban Hakka culture is deep, the follower folk, architecture and dialect are well preserved. The Temple of Wenchang Palace, Guandi Temple, etc. Since the beginning of the ancient building

  The natural human resources are rich in humanities, and the river is fluctuated, and the Xijiang River has passed around the city. The area in the area of ??Xiangcheng wetlands is landscape, the river is Chenghu, the green water is mixed, unique; Xijiang River Landscape Green Belt The wind, Mulanshan and the Lake Lake, Baoguang Shengu, and a rich and profound historical and cultural heritage and super high popularity, the annual "February 2" Mulan seed traders are full.

  Today’s stone beach is inheriting historical and cultural, fully exploiting resource advantages, has developed into a city of science and technology innovation.

The stone beach is superior, and it is the core area of ??the new modern transportation industry function area. It is also one of the 66 industrial function districts identified by Chengdu. It focuses on the development of rail transportation equipment manufacturing services. The deputy center of the city.

  It is not only a deep historical humanity, and there is also a high-tech of the aircraft. There is also a gentle old orchard … Yue Xincheng Shi Beach is a scene of thriving, integrated development! Total Planning: Hu Xiaowei, Hou Dawei .

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