Qin Yucheng: Quancheng, who braves, dares to innovate, "guarding nights"

In the Hua light, he is the representative of Quancheng "Shou Night" in 2014. Qin Yucheng has lived for 30 years in the hard area of ??the northwest. The more it is, the more he is able to hammer the people. Qin Yucheng is so "Qilibao Community 38 The 2 unit floor of the building is fired, requested to rescue. "At 10:00 on February 2, 2020, Qin Yucheng, who was busy, just lied, a routing phone ring.

He immediately contacted the relevant departments to conduct rescue through the command center. "Averaged a day to receive more than 200 consultations, rescue phones, each of us, and strictly treat the people’s appeal and efficient rescue." From 2014, it is transferred to the original Jinan Emergency Office, and Qin Yucheng is fighting in an emergency disposal. , Government affairs duty, emergency duty one line. Upon 2019 to the emergency command center of Jinan City Emergency Administration, the Jinan Municipal Government Government Ban Room with the Municipal Emergency Command Center, the burden on his shoulders heavier, and the work has participated in the disposal of size emergencies and More than 4,000 emergency sensitive information, truly became the "Shou Night" in Jinan. "Be good at pondering, bravely, dare to innovate", this is the evaluation of Qin Yucheng.

Jinan Emergency Administration has built a year, he has led to draft a video site name, information management, information management, and disposal of the emergency workflow specification, manual, procedure, etc., providing policy support for improving the emergency management system of the city; The city’s emergency strategic cooperation launching ceremony and emergency rescue power equipment display, aviation comprehensive emergency rescue drill, air-ground three-dimensional rescue system construction, information resource interconnection, emergency combat video command system construction, etc., laid a solid The basics.

On information technology, Qin Yuqing led his team to integrate flood control, public security, traffic police, fire, 120 and other related road more than 11,700 video surveillance, to ensure that the city’s key areas of public safety, "the point that now, full-time control."

Satellite communication systems in particular rely on mobile emergency command vehicle composed of an image transmission system, video conference system, visual field 180 by the video intercom, voice module ad hoc network system may be combined with a head-mounted camera man, a wireless intercom, unmanned aerial vehicles and other mobile communications devices to achieve cross-network, cross-regional connectivity, will screen live audio and video from network transport through to the front-man command platform device for fast disposal of emergencies, to achieve the rescue command center for emergencies the scene of the "zero distance" processing and command, to "see and hear clearly, come to call, accurate positioning, fast response," effective coordination among the unified command system platform and all relevant departments, coordination, and unified scheduling, remote monitoring, remote command and dispatch, enhance rapid response capacity.

"Piece of paper" plans, sometimes the "life passage" May 12, 2019, Jining City, a 3-year-old boy due to intracranial infection in a critical condition need to go to Shandong University Qilu Children’s Hospital for treatment. Rescue helicopter took off from the First People’s Hospital of Eastern Hospital District, Jining City, in the process of flying to Jinan, but found that: the original rescue mission usual apron – Olympic Plaza, the exhibition is being held, not up landing conditions. "At that time the situation is urgent, only half an hour to find a new stop point.

"After the emergency command center received the message, Qin Yuqing quickly contact to coordinate the Long Ao North Plaza building as an emergency landing site, and contact the police, hospitals, open ground rescue channel. Half an hour later, a helicopter landing, the patient was sent to the Children hospital by ambulance soon arrived at the hospital, children’s lives have been saved.

"Able to efficiently handle such emergencies, thanks to our specially-built ‘piece of paper’ plans. Just opposite the ‘piece of paper’ play again phone, staff, equipment on all ready, effectively increasing the efficiency of emergency response , so that the danger and the race against time. "Qin Yuqing introduction, for more than 15 classes a larger production safety accidents and natural disasters, hazardous chemicals, major fires, bridges, tunnels, geological disasters, they conceived a different danger disaster, one by one set of emergency response process, clear communication contact, information submitted program, sent personnel and equipment, organize and direct the scene.

Once an accident or dangerous situation occurs, regardless of the type, who received a report, in accordance with the appropriate plan can immediately start emergency response. The emergency rescue, "a piece of paper" plan achieved remarkable success achieved in the helicopter-Austrian Building North Gate Square landing, the air further expand the emergency rescue Jinan dimension, enhance the efficiency of the disposal of emergencies in the region. Floods, highlighting the "Jinan power" slowly decelerating as disaster relief helicopter propeller, 70-year-old Han Yanjun had not gone far off the plane, she heard the sound behind him eagerly shouting "Mom." Looked back, her 44-year-old son about knees at his side.

"Lost to" half-mother could not hold back emotions, they cry. This scene to first responders in the Qin Yuqing very moving. August 13, 2019, Typhoon "Lekima" transit Shandong, heavy rainfall and instantly District of Jinan City Zhangqiu vast expanse of water. "Where we have a disaster occur where!" As their first tough battle since the founding of the city Emergency Management Agency faced, Qin Yuqing rushed to the disaster area, according to plan, set up rescue headquarters, a comprehensive organization and coordination of rescue.

Prodigiously heavy rainfall moment, the spread of flood Zhangqiu District Dong Gao Village, the residence of the masses there is always life-threatening, but turn off the forklift, rubber boats also turned torrent rushed rescue situation is extremely severe. In the front line command and management Qin Yuqing immediately called the Shanghai Jinhui navigation Co., Ltd. Shandong branch head of the phone, "Please immediately dispatched a helicopter rescue!" After 30 minutes, an orange-red rescue helicopter hovers over the village slowly above, after four round trips, 11 trapped people were rescued successfully.

Floods, boundless love.

Strong rescue team is winning key strength of this disaster. "In accordance with the emergency rescue plan, my colleagues and I quickly pulled the Jinan City rescue teams.

"Just one day, Jinan militia garrison emergency dispatch emergency response force 3600 people, with a forklift, assault boats line the disaster area, Jinan Army Reserve pontoon regiment, armed police detachment in Jinan, Jinan City Fire Brigade and Blue Rescue Team, seven soldiers Church, off-road e family rescue teams, the Thunder rescue teams and other social aid organizations have rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. rescue forces came, how to organize the rescue teams to carry out accurate and efficient problem Qin Yuqing is an important consideration.

"Top priority is to create full-featured, powerful command of the emergency rescue command system so quickly into the role of various functional departments, to ensure that the work step by step, to move forward in an orderly manner.

"Qin Yuqing said," then that is based on "Jinan flood emergency plan" to develop procedures and command and dispatch emergency rescue plan, there are rules to follow to make the rescue, accurate and efficient, professional and orderly.

"In a well-coordinated Qin Yuqing, during the rescue, rescue personnel were deployed in Jinan City 38 418 passengers, the deployment of a helicopter, rescue and transport equipment investment in 841 flights, rubber boats, assault boats 36, various types of machinery and equipment 2824 Taiwan classes; use flood control materials ten thousand bags, life jackets 1860, temporarily relocated population of 16383 people, and show "Jinan power" disaster relief. "emergency management responsibility and glorious mission, worth to play, to pay for it and dedication . Our emergency people is to bear a good share of responsibilities, let take root in the hearts of hard work to play, when the good people of Springs ‘night watchman’ in retrograde! "Qin Yuqing said.

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