Ruzhou history office: codification of founding a century to love books

Recently, Ruzhou Ruzhou Municipal History Office under the guidance of the fourth patrol group, and gradually promote the love monographs compilation. How effective solution to make better records document for the social services? Ruzhou Municipal fourth patrol group in-depth research, exchange feedback after full discussion, to actively discover and create new opportunities, it is recommended to compile a history office planned tribute to the founding of a century monographs. Receiving feedback from the patrol group, history office branch immediately convene a branch committees and editors, on the basis of intensive discussion and research on the initial development of the codification reflect 1921 – 2021 Ruzhou economic and social development history books program and in consultation with the municipal patrol group of fourth times. As of the end of August, Ruzhou history office presided over the compilation of this monograph founding a century temporarily named "A Brief History of Ruzhou hundred years (1921 to 2021)", has completed the compilation of the team set up, detailed division of labor and the collection of information, etc. task, draft editing each chapter is being promoted.

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