Play the opening ceremony of the 3rd Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei boutique drama in China Qu Yushan Mountains

After the guests launching the guests, they got a single award in the second event, the wonderful performances of the Beijing opera, review, and Hebei scorpion, from the spirit of the drama tickets of Fangshan District In the middle, I saw the vitality of the development of the opera of Fangshan District. The professional team of Beijing Beijing Theater allows the whole event to the climax, including the "Red Latin" selection of Wang Xiaoli, which is invited to Beijing Beijing Theater, China: Pain: Pain, Revolutionary Home History.

These classic pendant dramas, put the essence of traditional culture, ignite the atmosphere, and let the masses feel the charm of the Chinese people’s artistic art.

After the launching ceremony of the Fangshan Opera Culture, there will be a series of colorful cultural activities, including the "Good Play" boutique drama show, through the platform resource invitation professional colleague to the Fangshan grassroots; "send the drama" drama Education into the grassroots level, build a standardized drama studio, establish an excellent studio pilot sample; "Aday show" Fangshan Drama Truck Friends Competition, build a platform for truncation and discussing skills.

Fangshan District integrates drama art into the grassroots and cultural life construction, so that the masses change "access" as "walking", change "participation", let the opera culture to dip in the housing land, boost cultural exhibition brands in Fangshan District Falling roots, laid the brand foundation for the promotion of many artistic cultural charm, and create a cultural atmosphere of the regional "more flowers and flooding". (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

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