Shaanxi Yulin: Zhongneng Wenchuangyuan opened "old coal mine" turned into "new paradise"

On August 30, Yulin Zhongneng Cultural Creative Industrial Park opened.

Vintage buildings in the era, all kinds of creative design, walk into the Sino-Can Cultural Creative Industrial Park located in the airport ecological area of ??Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, history and modern interlaced breath.

It’s hard to imagine that this is once a mining area.

Today, many "old factory buildings" becomes a cultural creative industrial park, glow new vitality. On August 30, Yulin Zhongneng Cultural and Creative Industrial Park opened, became the first cultural and creative park in Yulin’s industrial remains. Medium Cultural Creative Industrial Park.

Zhongneng Wenchuang Park is located in Changjan City, Xiaoshan Town, Suyang District, covers an area of ??135 mu, total building area of ??10,000 square meters, predecessor is the Shaanxi Zhongneng Coal Field Co., Ltd. Yugang Coal Mine. Previously, the coal miner overlapped with Yulin City, in 2013, was shut down in 2013. In April 2019, Shaanxi Yulin Wenlin Travel and Shaanxi can start the transformation in Shaanxi, starting to launch the transformation in the original factory building of Zhongneng Yugang Coal Mine, and the basic structure of the office building, decorate the new culture. Creative industry elements to maximize the space value of the building. Creative sculptures transformed with coal mines, use boiler room, transformation of the stone lion museum, use the artist studio of the use of waste Shenqing pool, use coal mine vertical port, winch-transformed coal mine "memory" .. …. From the past coal mine industry, to now a vibrant art space, an artist, research and training is main, intertwined, artistic exhibition, art education, Wen Jiangsu business, incubation base, industrial science, theme accommodation The cultural creative industrial park, which is integrated with special catering, etc., in the initial formation of Yulin, became a local citizen called "New Paradise". Creative Sculptures in the Cultural Creative Industrial Park. "As a new attempt to transform and upgrade in Yulin Wenlin, Zhongneng Culture Park not only has achieved cultural tourism and industrial hand in hand, but also opened the creative journey of rejuvenation industrially, to explore industrial transformation and upgrading, promoting high quality of urban cultural industry. Development is an important step. "Li Jun, Chairman and General Manager of Yulin Brigade, said. It is reported that the next step in Zhongneng Wenchuang will continue to deeply cultivate art and cultural industries, through the creation and colorful art activities of the sketch platform, to become a new model of industrial transformation, cultural and creative platform. At the opening ceremony, the park also reached a strategic cooperation with Yulin’s art sketch bases, while medium-energy memory exhibition, Zhongneng Art Museum, Guo Qingfeng Artist Studio, Shishi Museum, etc. Many art exhibitions also collectively appeared. (He Baishui).

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