“I forgot.!Big brother,You have a good time.?”

Portrait,Niu Dynasty, his big brother spoiled。
“Big brother,Do you take it??”
Four kids also learned the tone of Niu Niu,Watching my big brother。
“I am not holding it??move!I don’t know how you can find that place.!Be so far away!”
Su Yuqing is staring so,Chicken skin has a bumps。
“Not far from all.!I went to walk.!”
“I also feel not far away.!Big brother,Have you been before??”
“I didn’t have to go through the outside in this village.,Do you think that the big brother is so many years old??”
Brothers a few http://www.ozmilk.cn people noisy,Don’t feel lonely along the way。
“Big brother,That place is the village of our village.?”
Niu Niu thought and active,The dividend of the same blessing,There is a silver money at home.,I bought this place.。
How is your big brother?,Ease,I still bite chew words.。
Yes, it is,No, not。
How come I still have a middle zone.。
Perhaps it is aware of the eyes of Niu Niu.,No, she asked again.,Su Yuqing said consciously.。
“Wasteland can not endow,They are all government-managed,Just in just in our village.!”
“We want to buy this place.,To tell the positive!But I can’t take my mind.,I was reported to the town.。”
“Then the government sent people to measure the size,Give the silver money,The similament will take a while to come down.!I can’t buy less in the wasteland.,People can http://www.lude77.cn not be willing to feave!”
“Niu Niu asked this?,Let’s now have no money to buy it.!Buy will not buy this wasteland,What kind of food is not available?,Whitening!”
Su Yuqing said the big stroke。
Niu Niu did not agree。
Who says no silver,Will the silver earn??Have you been there for a while?!
And who said that it is necessary to buy a wasteland.,Can you use it to cover a house??
How good this is,Fly, there is water source,You don’t have to pick it up by them.。
but,How to persuade grandfather,Is it really a big problem?!
“Niu Niu,Do you think??Let’s come.!have a look,You want to catch a few go back?”
“Two bars!There is a loach at home?!Don’t be too much,We can’t finish it.。”
Niu Niu, this will have no mood to see his own brothers catch the fish.,Squatting on the side of thinking future。
“Correct!To make money!”
Niu Niu“Tear”Stand up,It’s almost taken off the fish that I have just arrived.,People also almost plant in puddles。
The old three hurriedly helped her brother.,
“Niu Niu,Why??Shocking,Flexible!”
“No, no!”

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