“thanks,Snowy This life encounters you is her luck,Just if there is this day,You don’t have to avoid these,End her……Life。”Liu Wei heard the tears,Almost crying when this sentence is:“I really don’t want her to become a complete murder。”

“姨,This is my promise I gave her.。”Lin Feng sorrows:“Then,Things are not as bad as you think,Give me everything。”
“Yes,mom,You don’t have to worry。”Beihai also advised。
“I can see her.……One side?”Liu Wei heard the words。
“She http://www.dsyaolu.cnis out of order,And the loved ones, don’t see her.,The middle thing is very complicated,Her magic has been pressing the other side,Seeing the loved ones, although it helps to wake up another side,Can also cause magical to kill innocent。”Lin Feng patient smiled and explained:“姨,Do not worry。”
“Maple,Bitter is you。”Benin’s sigh。
“Bell,I don’t suffer.,Do not worry,Take a break earlier.,Just when the snow is going out。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
Beninde,Liu Wei,Beihai three people heard a little bit,The only three people still stand together.。
“Big brother,Big event。”
After three people left,Dongxing’s figure came over。
“whats the matter?”Lin Feng saw Dongxing Panic Taoism。
“Big brother,According to the Chinese military base test,The black Jinlian went to the small room mountain.。”Dongxing looks。
“what?Go to Shao Mountain?”Lin Feng heard the faceset,Dongfang Yin travels to the small room mountain?
“good,According to the route,No need to pass a small room。”Dongxing explained:“I am afraid there is something to happen.。”
“She went to the small room of the mountain.?”Lin Feng wrinkled frown。
“Big brother,I don’t know this.,You also know that it is still inside.,These two are always opposite,I feel that Dazhao is 80% of attacking less room.。”Careful to Dongxing。
“Attack small room mountain?She is free.。”Lin Feng heard the words,Although the Shao Mountain now does not have any horrified masters。
But you can’t attack it.。
Even now Lin Feng is not,Broken into it also pays the price,So the Oriental Cantonese will not go to the small room mountain.。
Just when Lin Feng pensive,Dongxing’s mobile phone rang again.,Dongxing looked at the phone suddenly lost color:“Big brother,There are new information.,rumor500Year ago,The Shao Mountain is divided into the demonism of the demon.!”
“I see,You go go first.,I will go to the small room now.。”Lin Feng heard his figure directly to the direction of the small room mountain.,Then I disappeared directly in the void.。
Lesson Mountain,Lishan。
The land of the provenance of the past,Dadozu Master’s Shen Gong,Receive a few disciples,From then on, branching,Establish a magnitude of a gold level,Inherit close2000year,Far-reaching,The bottom is very poor。
There is a mountain peak on this Lushan,high2400Meter,Damo peak,Dharma is the mountain gate of the Shao Mountain.,At this moment, Dahaofeng has come up with a vast bell.。
The ancient bells ringed between the heavens and the earth,Morning bell。
http://www.guohuogou.cn The southern part of Damo is even more dark.,Black cloud,A black golden lotus floating in the void,Black golden lotus is very incomparable,Standing on the seven towns,One person headed is the Oriental Yin,Oriental 手 天 天。
“Worship the teacher to come to visit!”The figure of the Sadad bow went to the road。
NS865chapter Eighteen Luohan

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