Yang Jian is so much。

Yang Jian, who was a child, pushed the door of the study.,Yang Jianjian, a pensive, is scared.。
Yang is talented to ten years old,The whole person has some jumping,naughty。
“So big, so badly,Now!”
Running gas transfer,It is already the Yang Jian of the imperial court.,If you say it, you are definitely not like an ordinary family brother to reprimand your brother.。
Yang is embarrassed to touch the head:“Two a woman’s woman is playing!Especially the princess,That’s all, I can’t live.。”
Although Yu’s sister is stupid,But she knows that she can’t fight the child in another Yu’s belly.。It’s just a speechless that these two people tear up.。
Chengtian’s non-stop,It’s no longer two days a day.。
Original Yushu also made a princess,Now she has pregnant,The waist is also hard.。
Only let Yang Jian。
“go,Go see。”
Yang Jian said that the water said。
All say that,Treatment of the country。But a lot of powerful characters can be slim,Can also rule the country,Can be doing this piece of this piece is not good enough。
Cause no,Some people are amazing,But the old woman is more strong,Move out a few powerful little scorpions,You can’t eat it.!
Jinyang Palace,Yu Zhaojun wearing a skin,Get your hands into your mouth,The face is grief。
“The mourning family is fainting at the time.,I think that my child is high and tragic.,I am angry。I want to come now.,The child is not running this child.,I am afraid that it is difficult to escape.,Ugh!”
Although Yu Zhaojun is feeling,Remorse,Sorrow,but,Her discourse is also faint to reveal another layer of meaning:
Anyway, he doesn’t run, it is going to die.,Now running back Jinyang and die,Is it very different??
A young man is not a blood,He naturally heard the meaning of Zhao Zhaojun’s words.。
I really misunderstand your grandson,But killing,He is also an escape,Don’t escape, die,What do you want?
“Minianda does not dare to blame,I just blame this child.。”
The law of the law is sigh.。
The cost of turning the face is too big.,Amarantma is a few sons,Will not be born in the future!
Just when the Raw world is killed by the horse.。
Think here,Milk gold microphone:“滏水 陉 邺 城 Not http://www.justadidas.cn far,Why is there a horse here??”
There is a thief horse around Yucheng,It is like a thief in the police station.,It is difficult to understand,Unimaginable。
“This is going to check one check,It is better to let Minister to check,Also, I have a wish,I thought how?”
This is nature is the appetite of Zhao Zhaojun.。
“The old generals of the derivative of the Lao Dynasty are the ministers of the stock.,This matter you come,Morning is naturally assured。Shanxiong this child’s body,Morning is already convergeful.,Will be buried tomorrow。”
Zhao Zhaojun said sadly。
The body of the gold is toned.,I also nodded.,A breath,Gifts in the arch of the Zhao Zhaojun,Turned to the Jinyang Palace。
He left later,Yang Zhuan came to Zhao Zhaojun,Whisper:“Too,Here is big here,Back to the palace。”
http://www.ailianhe.cn Zhao Zhaojun said a few words。
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