“Feed”Seeing the girl,I can’t help but laugh when I am clear.,Not only because of the reasons for girls,Still because he found,When you stop it yourself,The front side has a few meters away from the way without reactions.!

“Ai Aiai。”Qing Palace,Hearing a few steps,I pulled a one-way,“Stop。”
“what?”Feel your arm is pulled by the Qing Palace,One party’s double eyes suddenly narrowed a dangerous radiator,“let go。”
“You first give me a reflection.!”The Qing Palace said that there is no goodness。
“”Looking at the Qing Palace, a unheppy lip,One party is passing,This reacts to reflect all the sounds all.。
“The original brother is really a rare people.。”One party is just untieken,I heard a girl lively voice in my ear.,“Same as the sister of tea Yan,Both people are idiot.。”
The color of the Qing Dynasty and the side of the Qing Dynasty were suddenly black.。
“Both people are idiot?”The Qing Dynasty is half-moon,“I am different from this idiot.!What is tea in the past?!And why do you also call my brother??”
“What is called‘Too’A rare people?”One party is slightly pumping slightly,“Is another rare man who is me??”
“Yumu Yugu is trying to promote his existence from the beginning.!”The girl see the party to pass this pair,Suddenly tied up the mouth,“Is the existence of Yuzuyu is ordered by you?”
“Well, you can say this.。Um?http://www.tiansilang.cn”One party is talking,Suddenly,Then the face suddenly changed,“What are you calling??”Until this time,He carefully pays attention to this girl as if there is a girl with a broken blanket.,Then his face is getting more and more black。
“You take the piece of cloth.!”One party bits the girl in front of the teeth,“Let me look at your face!”
“Hey?”The girl suddenly stunned.,Subsequently, it has emerged as a difficult and shame.,“Request women to take off in the road?Who is bold or chaos?”
“enough!”One party feels that the Qing Palace is more and more strange.,Suddenly,I want to pull down the blanket on the girl.,But his hand is slammed.。
“Are you alive??”The Qing Dynasty face is very serious.,“What do you want to do for my sister??”
“She is your sister.?!”One party is in a slight pain,Strongly hold the roaring http://www.weizhenyifang.cn desire low,“do not move!Let me see”
“One party,”I didn’t expect the Qing Palace that did not let go.,Face is more serious,“I want to say from just now.,You see this girl’s expression is wrong.,you”
“This will not be Loli control.?”
“”One party always thinks that a brain is named‘reason’The string suddenly stretched。
“I want to kill you, ah.!”One party is collapsed,A punch to go to the Qing Palace。
“abnormal!”The Qing Palace directly caught one fist,Do not know why,There is no power with reflection on your fist.,Just a very simple punch,So the Qing Palace is very easy to pick up the fist,“Yumu sister called my brother,Look at her face is also obviously Yumu sister.,Although the model is small,But she is definitely my sister.!”
“Ah, ah, you give me a mouth.!!!”
“The serial number of the royal is20001。”The girl in front of the girl is curious about the Qing Palace and one or two people.,“I always feel that my brother’s face is hurting.,Yushuyu said curious。”
“Nothing。”Qing laugh in the Qing Dynasty,Work hard,Try to put the red print on your face。
“”On the side of the one with a panda eye。
just now,After the two finally quiet,There is a slap in the face of the Qing Palace.,There are also a purple eye on one side.,Obviously, the top of the two schoolslevel 5Level super powers do not have the ability to use,It is a truthful melee.,But look,Qing Palace is slightly better。
I want to come and think,The Qing Palace is escaped in the study.,I am playing all the way.,Broad ability is naturally awesome。
Do not know why,Two people did not have any idea,Just thinking about it.,What masters can’t be called,Most of the minus, the level of small mat,But two people have a strange cool feeling.,Especially the Qing Palace,There is a feeling of funny feelings.。
seem,The grievances that have been put out in the sister’s incidents have vented it.。
But really can’t forgive this guy.!Qing Dynasty。
It’s better to find a chance to give him a meal.?
But it seems that there is no chance.。
“20001?”One party is slightly frowning,“Those serial numbers in them have20001NS?”
“Yushuyu is the last individual of all sisters。”The girl who claims to be the Yushi Yumi smashed,It seems that it is not afraid of one party,“So the code is also called‘Final work’,Originally, it should be used as an experiment.,Yushuyu is so complained。”
“”Hear this,The hearts of the Qing Palace still can’t help with a slight pain,Subsequently, I watched one side.。
If you are not your bastard?,The sister’s twisted world view Laozi is so hard to reverse it.?

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