Unlesseds,Yao Yuzheng,“Is ancient velocational,My friend can not reluctively。”

Fang Xiong is clearly known to Yao Yu,Flash again, surprised,But only this。
Whether it is ancient wind or Yao Yu,He is not afraid。
Here is the rule here,Even if they are outside power,But it is also related to Tianwang Manor.。
The most important thing,It is also the energy behind the Tianwang Manor。
“I don’t ask the process,Look at the results。”
Fang Xiong said coldly,Summer stare,“friend,Do you have anything to say??”
Summer smile,Shake your head,“no。”“it is good。”Fang Xiong has some appreciation,It’s just that the sound is gloomy.,“No http://www.jzsmg.cn party is not a rule,In our Tiannhang Manor,Rule of everything,Since you are here,That is provocation,It is necessary to accept punishment,rest assured,We will not kill you,As long as you interrupt your limbs, you can
Toned,Also,“As for out,Contradiction between you and the ancient,Unrelated to us。”
After the end,God is cool。
More than ten people,Black hole emission summer。
Besides,Two of them came to the iron bars.,The face is full of cruel laughs,Cold drink,“Kneel!”
This is in the eyes of everyone,Even the atmosphere dares out。
This is the rule of Tianwang。
Anyone who dares trouble,Interrupt the limbs。
People have looked at the summer with a sympathy。
And Jino Rong and the ancient winds are proud of the bodies.,Surprising in your heart。
But very quickly,Two http://www.zbxfgc.cn people stunned。
Summer is not kneeling。
on the contrary,His dark scorpion is slightly slightly,Inside the dangerous light。
Among them, a strong man with iron rod is cold again.,“Let you kneel down,No matter what identity outside,it’s here,you are nothing!”
Seeing that summer is indifferent,Another person immediately,Put up the iron bars and face their faces to the summer head。
This is going to die.。
Iron rod suddenly is in the air。
The original silent hall is suddenly ringing,Everyone only feels the heart of the heart.,Piece of scalp。
Look up。

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