At the beginning of the domain,Facing the level of Gu Huaiyu,Summer is sleepy in your own heart。

that time,Taiji map does not appear,And unknown changes,Let the summer are inexplicably come out,Found a way out。
So in the past two years of closed custom practice,He often studies the Taiji map。
Really let him study some ends。
He found,Energy body for the original fire,It’s actually a set of complicated patches.。
Every energy,Both a node。
It is unbearable in the summer.。
Summer thus thinks a possibility。
The owner of the star imprint,This is a mailing method and a refiner,And his polar tribute,It is very likely to integrate the fusion of the law and the road to the road.。
He has tried this judgment,The result is completely correct。
This finding,Also let the summer is happy。
He understands your own understanding,Detailed view of energy nodes in Taiji。
Finally, a conclusion。
This Taiji figure,Five-product first-order big array is equivalent to the change of millions of crowds。
Each original fire,Just like a flashing star in the endless star sky。
Discover this,Summer has made a bold assumption。
Does he can also treat Taiji chart as a piece of instrument??
Energy nodes and changes in the Taiji map,Equivalent to five product first,If he arranges more energy nodes in it,Can you upgrade??
So,Taiji map will not follow the improvement?
So,His battle will not improve?
After cultivating the soul,In the past two years,Summer, whether it is God’s skill, the soul of the soul, there is a realm,I have forwarded a big step.。
He did not fall to the deception of the road.,I have been slow and firmly moving.。
If this idea can be implemented,Take the level of the masters of the five high-end privileges,It is enough to arrange six million cars in the Taiji map。
So what is his war will soon rise??
Think,Summer through huge mind,Among the nearsessings of the Taiji chart,Pick energy。
Then pass the Taiji map to refine and transform the energy of the original fire.。
Then I left by my mind.,Do not let them automatically fuse。
So,Hundreds of energy have been condensed,Carefully distributed carefully in Taiji chart specific location。
Increase the energy node,Improve the changes in the array。
With the operation and change of the front,Anti-starry,Slowly give birth to a new constellation。
Summer depression,Like an outsider cold and cold。
He found changes to several factors per increase,The Taiji chart seems to have a variety of changes.。
This change is like a newborn gradually grows.。
Taiji map is getting round,Also, more mysterious。

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