Datang’s army god Li Jing took a year,I swept the Turkic。

This is an unprecedented prosperity。
The big devil seems to be a transparent person.,Pay attention to the birth of the whole world。
He is like“sky”generally,See the entire Datang’ s establishment process。Elderly,Wind and rain。
The big demon really understands the thickness of history。
Thick history is not in the years,And in the years, those people and things。
Just like the vicissitudes of life。
In the prosperous fruit, a mature fruit,The Dynasty’s Dingsheng’s gas transport order no one wants to pick。
this day,Changan Snow。
Last night, the sky is falling in the bridge.,Silver-filled。Although the big snow seal,There are still thousands of people in the bridge in the day.。
Yanqiao willow carries ice and snow。
suddenly,Ice snow。
Naked branches suddenly vomit new buds,Yang Liuyiyi。
One time,Ice cold,There is also vitality in the world。
This is winter,But in a moment to spring。
I don’t know when to,There is a purple bamboo leaves everywhere everywhere,The void sounds the fans,But see Chang’an City,Xiangyun condensed,A white Guanyin standing in the cloud。
One time,People outside Changan City,From the vendor,Wang Gong noble,Most of the white gates of the clouds。
Even Li Shimin was also alarmed,Leading the hometown and the king of the king,Lozhi Bodhisattva。
“South no way to God, Bodhisattva!”
Virtue in the void,I will stop for a long time.。I don’t know when to,Bodhisattva Xiangyun,Did not see the trace。I saw that half of the air,Dropping down a simple post,There are a few 子,Understand。颂 曰:Gifts Tang Jun,Western。10,000 thousand miles,Take a lot of work。This is back in the country,Various ghosts。Be willing to be willing,Seeking forward。
This post is out,The big magic is in the world, the world has opened a gap.,Have sacred gas flow。
“Dairy world?”
Big magic does not act rashly,Things are getting more and more interesting。
Not only have his layout this world,Even the fairy world is blended in。
on the other hand,The Lingshan of this world appears in white Guanyin,Become more and more true。
This is alarming the magic of the wilderness world,He is entering the Lingshan in the invasion of the ancient world。
“Sure enough, it is not so http://www.lude77.cneasy.。”
The magic of the refining Lingshan floated on a black lotus,Mixed Taoist Taoist Heading into the New Duo World。
This Black lotus is the original source,There is also a breath of Yuan Shi Tian。
Today, the new Dao standard world has a big devil.、Heaven、Buddhist girling,Water is getting more and more mixed。
But when Guanyin appeared,Big Magic to White Guanyin,Also through magic,Pass this image to the magic of the magic of the magic。
Cihang Sheng female is infected,The face is transformed towards Guanyin Guanyin。
This is a chess piece that is so late.。

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