That is, if the night is really“Fifth generation”if,Then it means that you can’t leave the village at night.。

For nightly, this you often don’t return home.,The night is quiet, this sister is a quite headache.。
And each time I leave the village is a few years.,It can be made to make the night, this is the sister and the mother is broken.。
Become a spray, although it is not allowed to be stared at you.,But I have been under my eyes.。
I want to think about night.,Didn’t be a night,I am resigned from my long position.,Look at the night in the night every day,This brother will not have any unexpected.。
Think about it,Night calm feel,Night is serviced,It seems really good!
“no,I disagree,Sister, you can’t do it yourself, you don’t want to be a fifth generation.,Just get the pot to me!”
The surprising voice first shocked everyone,The figure of the next night is like a brush color.,The slow appearance is in front of everyone。
In fact, the night has been hidden from the past.,I am looking at the ghost light in one side.,But when his sister recommended him as a spray,Night knows that you can’t come out.。
I don’t want to be a hero.
Chapter 814 The position of the water shadow that is pushed(Second more)
Originally, the ghost light, I still want to use the night, I am not excused in the village.,Due night’s suggestion。
But when the night is really in front of everyone.,Ghost lights with the gathering of the night family,Suddenly, I have dumb.。
no way,Don’t care,They have already been taught by night.,The other party did even have to kill them.。
If it is not the water at the time, the night is quiet.,Grass on their graves,Maybe there is three feet high.。
“You are really forgotten that you are.,The first four generations of water shadows were illusted,When taking the blood rush family in the village,But by my sister, I’m a big flag.。
This is now for her,Do you really don’t have your face??”
Honest,Night is quite uncomfortable for these bloody families,Fog hidden village wants to unify,These blood joints are hindering。
But if you want to clear them,Obviously you can’t do it.,Because the fog hidden village is originally supported by these families。
That’s afraid of yourself,It is also a family of water,And if he really does,Regardless of his contribution to the village before,It is probably unable to continue in this village.。
“this……,Night static long for our kindness,We are naturally remembered,But one yard is aligned,We just want to make the village more powerful.。
But since you are back.,If the border of the spoacter is successive by you,Our ghosts are naturally nothing to say.。”
Have no idea,Even if you don’t want to compromise, you don’t want to compromise.,After all, the arm is screwed.。
And there is one,If it is from the night to lead this village,But can make the village more powerful,This is a matter of nothing in the water, but nothing.。
“Knife”Although the strength is also very strong,If she is fighting, it is a good hand.,But manage the village,Everyone also feels no future。
But the night is not the same.,The reason why the fog hidden village can become so powerful,Many people feel that they are the trial of the four generations of water。
But they know these tops,All this is completely night behind the boost,And the four generations of water shadows just listened to his suggestions.。
Because the bloody assessment system is canceled,The number of Ninja in their village is far more than before,Although the monomer is definitely not as good as before,But the overall power has risen a lot。
After all, in the family’s family of each family,They don’t want their own young people,In the upgrade assessment,Dedicated by other family ninja。
in short,Everyone in the field is still quite respectful to the night.,After all, the other party has changed the misty village.。
Of course,The most important thing is also the other party’s strength and means,Let them have room for other choices。

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