Picard is just five people,之 之 和 和 和 和 欢、Jiang Hong sits in the back row,After getting on the bus,Their mask took it down.。Sitting in the middle,Look to see Zuo Luohuan,She is looking at the window,Eyes have nothing more,What interesting thing is as if I have seen?。

Five people took a circle in the mine,Quick back to the West Jiangfu,Say good to the underground black city,Yan Yan is going to the hospital first,Terms arrived at night。
“How have you always watch me??”Walk into the West Jiangfu Hotel,Zuo Luohuan suddenly asked。
Oki’s micro,I thought she did not find out,Lip negative:“Looking at the mine。”
Zuo Luo,I don’t know if it is a letter or I don’t believe it.,Take the lead in walking into the elevator。
Oki’s standing around her,Waiting for Jiang Hong and Luo Shaojin to come in back to them,Pass,Side face is close to Zuo Luoyuan,Loudly:“You have been to the mine before?”
Zuo Luoyuan looked at the ground:“you guess。”
Look at the elevator monitoring lens,Two people standing in the opposite side,Like a beautiful couple。
Rosau turned back and saw Zuo Luo, who was talking to the ear of Ji Yue.,She is disappointing:“What do you do??Say my bad words?”
In the North Military Academy,Those who like chewing tongue will be so together,Behind others。
Zuo Luo Half-body removal,The more far away,On the side of the elevator,Smile:“Say your bad words don’t need to hide hiding。”
“I checked it.,Xijiang flowing star underground black city,Several step on high-risk lines。”Jianghong turned his head to a few people,That is, the federal now no one has a black city.,Once the line,Rapida ruined the black market trading market。
“Everything is sold?”Rosau is curious asked,“Do you sell robot dog??”
“Even if you sell,Do you have money?”Jiang Hong。
Rosau:“……Don’t buy money。”
Several people were washed away from the hotel,Stay at 7 o’clock in the evening,Yan Yan also went to the West Jiangfu Hotel,They are only together to go to the opposite side of a large bar.。
“Is this here??”Rosau looked at the people in the bar.,I didn’t see the picture of the city.。
“there。”Jianghong swept a circle,Found some people who are not in the bar,The path is straight to one direction.。
Too many people in the bar,Oki’s crowded,He looked at Zuo Luo Huan’s back,Want to open the mouth and shout her,Finally, it is quiet and working hard.。
“come over。”Zuo Luohi seems to hear the sound in his heart.,Turned to him。
酒 吧 吧,Tide,On only the eyes of Ji Yong, there is only one person left.,She reached out for her own,Waiting for him。
Ji’s quick step,Reach your hand in her palm,Not open,It was used to pull the past。
Zuo Luo launched a large half of the bodies,Pulling people who are raging:“Underground black market in front,Coming,Don’t go。”
“Um。”The attention of http://www.huabao88.cn Ji Yong is attracted by her cool hand,Some of them。
Walked,The less noisy people,Until approaching a door,After pushing, it is a long-term staircase.,They follow the crowd,I found a complete street underground.,Various pavoes around both sides。Far away,This is not a underground black city,More like Dungeon。
“what is this?”Rosau is close to a street lamp,Look at the above stickers,“Wanted order?”
“The bonus is quite high。”Jiang Hong sweeps an eye,Refers to the front street column,“Every column has。”
“Water,Reward500ten thousand?”Rosau is watching all the way,See the highest wanted order,Eye luminous,Obviously a bit。
“Who is this person?,What makes people who have been rewarding so high?”Jiang Hong came to see,“Theft of Hongjia Important Items,All providers have 500,000 prizes,If you can catch this person,Five http://www.csjlife.cn million。”
“Hongjia is the biggest family of Xijiang, the biggest family,There are their shadows behind all industries.,Star Lord is also working with Hongjia,Only developed this entertainment industry。”Yan Yan Road,“I seem to have heard of this person.,Theft,But it is said to kill Hongjia heirs。”
“It sounds a singer。”Rosau is torn off,Pocket,“Stay in,In case it hits it.,Grasping and 5 million reward bonuses?。”
Oki’s commencement, I am sitting in this way.,The above should be a print-out frame monitoring screen,This person wears a black sportswear,Standing next to the car,An ordinary,But he recognizes him at a glance.……
Zuo Luoyuan gently pinched the finger,Signature him back。
Oh Yicheng is going to go forward,Heart has no end。

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