I heard the door behind the door,Turn it back,Tang Judi disdainfully:“What is nothing?,If you are not your body?,It’s too lazy to look at the old lazy.。”
Mention good body,She quickly walked to the dressing mirror,Look at your face up and down,The face is missing a bit of a charm,For thinking, don’t make a makeup and sleep。
But,How can I sleep at night?,Instead, the truth?
Tang Judi sighed,Do not say,It is very clear in my heart.,The brothers have a good feeling.。
As for this deteriorating brotherhood feelings,It is clear,Be sleeping out!
“Stinky boy,Just sleeping,Extending your hand can solve,Who let you lie on a bed……”Tang Judi bites the nail,Consider the responsibility of emotional deterioration,Liao Wenjie wants to bear 70%,Left 30% of her beauty。
“Jude sister,What stay there??”
Liao Wenjie replaced with nightgown lying in bed,Raise your hand and shoot it around,Urge:“come here quickly,Early sleep early,I still have a new customer tomorrow.。”
Next day,Brothers and two people open their eyes,Pumping back the hands that are not obedient,Just when there is anything,After breakfast,And each drive to work。
Liao Wenjie arrived at the 18th floor,Surprise,More than the clock and old kings,Actually, Limon is more than him to the company first.。
Nima score!
Lyon can be a night creature,Just because of two secretary,Hard students change their own biological clock。
what,Last night, stay overtime,All over a night?
That’s no problem.,It is him,How many milk can be added to how much milk?,The law of fascia does not meet the law of lumbar muscle strain。
Zhongfa is playing, there is a bunch of amulet and town house characters,Too many customers yesterday,No one is expected,The best-selling amulet and the town house are not sold out for two hours.。He did not sleep all night.,that’s it,Also arrears hundreds of debts,I don’t know if I can’t pay attention before the end of the month.。
Clock is happy and sad,Happy is because every amulet represents a small money,Plus the big contract yesterday,He can become a rich next month.,Thoroughly realize financial freedom。
Sad is because he feels that he has fallen,Outstanding experience,Is to find your own chance,Now exhausted, I only want to make money.,I haven’t been looking for a chance.。
Master said,Qian is really evil source!
Besides,True incense!
“Please,Excuse me……Here is three…Sanjie Very Good Consultation……Company??”
A whole body wrapped in a cotton jacket in the elevator,Man with big black ink mirror,Talking to teeth,Frozen is shaking。
The weather is some of the cold,But this dress is too exaggerated.。
The front desk is tired yesterday.,Strong spirit, receiving a weird guest,Several more,I will lead it to Liao Wenjie’s office.。
“I will give it to me here.,You go busy.。”
See the weird customers,Liao Wenjie does not move,Let the front desk small sister put the office door。
“This guest,Before the opening,I will confirm it to you first.,You have dotted the best package of the company.,One thousand pieces per minute,right?”Liao Wenjie took the timer on the table,See the other party nod confirmation,Directly start timing。
“Liao,Liao boss,See you gently,Have your own…company,Really,young and promising。”
Customer tight cotton jacket,Accessing the hot water from Liao Wenjie,Hand hold in his arms,Upper and lower teeth:“return,Besides……Are you the best?,I,I,I have no idea,But you are indeed the most……The most expensive。”
“Of course,It’s not necessarily expensive.,Durable value for money,Will you spend a penny。Do not believe,You can go out to inquire,This shop is very good,Customer satisfaction is 100%,Opening has never received a complaint。”
Liao Wenjie smiled slightly,Leaning on the boss chair,微 眯 双 双 蓝 蓝 蓝,Within the line of view,Customers are full of ghost,The wooden casset behind the back is more evil spirits.。

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