what?You said this,There is a bit possible。

Gu Ming grabbed his head skin,Bright eyes,Earlier,Just now I also……
Summer laughing,Just talk,Suddenly http://www.jiao120.cn stop。
at this time,The gate of the hall walks into one person。
This is a middle age,Well-fit,Wear a soapody,A long hair is free to disclose in front of the front chest。
He took a step forward。
The footsteps are clear,It seems to be in the ear of every person。
He walked three steps forward,At the same time, a strong momentum is issued.,As if it turns into substance,Enabling everyone。
And every step of each step,Just like stepping on everyone’s heart。
Summer changed color,Feel sinking,Just like there is an intangible peak to drop the body。
Interrogate,He runs the vitality resistance。
Orecting,But I found that it is not used.。
This is not an immersion。
This is a powerful pressure from the spirit。
Summer understands,Immediately http://www.shoujiwaike.cn put your spiritual,Suddenly,That kind of heavy feeling gradually dispersed。
However, Gu Ming and Wanyuan Kaikai beside it are so good.,Two faces,The whole body is trembled。
Not only them,Most people present in the event。
Middle-aged people spit out two words,The huge momentum is like a tide。
Everyone is tone,The eyes are full of awe。
Some people have guessed his http://www.jiubaisong.cn identity。
Hunter Headquarters,One of the four major deacons,Ding Feiguang,Wu King strong!
Middle-aged people spit out two words,Alert,Delicate to stay in the summer。
My name is Ding Feiguang。You,Several people have reached my request。
Toned,Also,so,The fairy forest cracks for you once。
I heard this sentence,Everyone in the venue is all in the scene。
Turn it back。
Every teenager’s face,Embouncing a rich ecstatic color。
Even if it is a cold face,It is also difficult to hide at this moment.。
Three major secrets of large summer。
It is the Runhai, which is controlled by big summer.,Shanhai Magical Controlled by the College。

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