“You stab me again,I still have a knife.。”Qingguang cough,Whispered,“Just when the brothers fight,It’s also flat to each other.。”

“Don’t do this next time.。”
After the Qing Dynasty left this sentence,Just in the help of Meiqin,Slowly go to the other side,there,There are two people waiting for themselves.。
One is a white coat,Comb with dark blue short hair,Double eyes,The other is a seventeenth year old,Wearing and body but unusual mature girl,But the face of the two is happy,Fortunately,Strike, etc.。
“came back?”The Qing Dynasty did not pay attention to the look of two people.,I just smiled and looked at Yunchuki Yama and the beam.,Gentle。
“Um。”Yunchukui Ya is stunned.,Subsequently smiled,The look of the eyes disappeared,As for whether it is hidden in the bottom,Only her own clear。
“That know, this kid can’t be so dead.。”Not far from the alleys,White-haired teenagers who have a cane see this scene,The corner of the mouth comes out of a ridicule,Turn around,It seems that he has never been there.。Only Meiqin has a feeling of moving,I look at the direction of the juvenile leave.。
The corner of the Qing Palace is slightly rising。
Soil hospital。
“The boy is also sent.???”The Treatment of the Treatment of the Treatment of the Treatment of the Soul of the Soul of the Soul, the hedge of the hedge hidkey,“What did he do these two days??”
“What did you do?。”The old man is helpless.,“I was probably gave him when he was comme.,Rib crack,Multi-soft tissue contusion,Multi-bone cracked。”
“Trough?”Qing Palace also ate,“What did he do??”
“I have doubt that he doesn’t look at the nickname of the hospital.。”The old man is rare to open a joke,Then the plate has a face,“Have time to care about him,You still care about yourself first.。”
“Tell you not to exercise vigorously。”The old man gave a look at the Qing Palace,“Do you want to send it in time?,It is estimated that you have to be half-dead.。”
Qing Palace spitted the tongue,Not talking。
Have a means of use,Can not be a general Gaia force,Instead, the force of Gaia is pressed into the knife made in the hands of the metal shield.,Calculation formula of the hot sword,Only the knife,Moreover, it also needs to counter the thermal molecules made by themselves to phagocytosis high temperature shift.,This caused him to be injured again.,In fact, a single saying,In fact, what he didn’t do strenuous exercise。
“All right,Let’s take a break.。”The old man saw that there was no problem in the Qing Dynasty.,“Let me see the little child.。”Finish,Timming is chasing the soul, standing up,Walking towards the ward of the wheel。
What did he have experienced??The Qing Palace is in a strange thinking,At this time,He is watching,Flash a familiar figure。
“Crack?”The Qing Palace is surprised to look at the girl in front of the upper ward,Can’t help but stunned。
How did she come??
“Qing Palace?”Feel someone to look at yourself,I also noticed the Qing Palace in another ward.,Surprised in a flash,Slowly push the door,“How can you enter the hospital??”
“Strength is not good。”Qinggong shrugged,Have a joke,“Why are you here?”
“because of him。”Cracking face slightly red,Looked in the direction of the strike ward,“He is in order to solve the fertile style”
Hear,The Qing Dynasty is in the heart of the Qing Dynasty.,He finally remembered what is the situation.。
Law book!
During this time, this time,The upper strip is to save Ozola and build a righte.,By the way, I will give Yaxi a friendship.。
pity,The http://www.dfoexpress.cn interpretation of the book is just that the Aresta’s scam is。
“Hurt?”The cracked slightly looked at the Qing Palace,She didn’t expect,Such a strong person in the Qing Dynasty will also be injured,And it is still not light。
“People will be injured。”Qinggong shrugged,Unfinished,“Let the females hide,英国清教不会放过他们的。”
第310章 五与四
“Where are you better than me??”Although the person is still in bed,But the mouth is not forgiving,“I heard that you almost http://www.cddjxf.cn dead.?I’m really being knife from behind.。”

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