if not,They are very likely to be canceled。

The magic texture teenager is clear,Remember my name,My name is Guantu,We have seen this hall。
Say,He took the initiative to return,Leading everyone to the side。
Teenagers laugh,See them,I think I am playing big victory.。
childish,ignorance,I hope to go to the examination room.,You can still laugh……
Magic texture teenage face cold,Select to sit down near place,Just right in the summer three。
What!Do you want to die?!
Just sit down,One of the guys stared in the summer.。
Not just him,The remaining people are also not good。
Because they find that the eyes of summer are too burble.。
Unlike other http://www.baobaofan.cn people have strong hostility,Instead, it is extremely curious to show their arms.、neck、Face side magic pattern。
That kind of eye……It is like looking at a strange species.。
Wang Wei……
Gu Ming pushed the summer,Hook him。
Summer recovery。
He is not a person in this world,Naturally, there is no feeling of indignation.。
But the texture of several magic texture teenagers,Suddenly lit up,Let him be a little curious。
So I read a few eyes.。
Seeing him,The magic textured teenager smirked,What is your courage?,Go home and go home.。
Talk,Wan Yuankai and Gu Ming’s face are hard to see,At the same time, I secretly blame the summer.。
Summer is too lazy。
He is not an angry boy。
Rethinking in your mind,How to live in this world,And can quickly enhance strength。
at http://www.jlcmy.cn this time,The girl with the Mozi teenager came before,Suddenly rushed back。
Her face reveals a panic color。
After coming in,Gaze,I quickly saw a few http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn magic teenagers.。

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