The top of the square is many volunteers,Lift a brand named,Tent with intensive tentshou。

Alongside,Nang Ge twisted,The Zhou also followed the turn around,There is a girl with a girl followed by a girl.。
Nan Ge whispered to Zhou:“That sister is so cute,You don’t think?”
“I think I have a relationship with her.!”
“You do not believe?” “letter。”
Girl is a buns,White skin,Big,The length of some doll faces,Really cute,And Jiang Han a style。
But the expression seems to be a little cold。
I saw her on the bus.。
Under the brand of the Department of Sciences,There is also a special person who brought three of the tents of the Department of Sciences.,Tent is sponsored,Write the words of the snowy horizon,There are a few new students in queuing registration。
Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge’s value caused some cheers,Then I don’t seem to play for the brothers and sisters.。
Nan Ge turned around to wait and see。
Zhou Zhiwei observed the front。
Responsible for registration is the cadres of the student meeting,In addition to chairman and group book,Particular,Have a brand name。These people are often bubble in the newborn.,Administrator,Very familiar。
Registered seems simple。
There is a stack of forms,Write new information,Find your own name,Sign a word to make some other information.。
After registering,Someone will take you to go to the process。
Nan Ge quietly poked him behind Zhouzhi,Whisker:“Those people seem to know I know。”
There is no sound。
Time,Registered to a master,The sister is inexplicably,Sisters next to other teachers are smracing。
The sisters are very unrestrained.。
Zhouzhi still has no self-introduction,She will ask.:“Do you have a person??”
“诶 This voice is good……Ah, you are Li Nan Shi.?I am a Wang Dan teacher, do you remember??”When the teacher suddenly excited,Who can think that Li Nan’s brother is so handsome?,“I also gave you a military training in the first two days.,Give you a good eating around the school……”
“My name is Zhou。”
Zhouzhi showed the admission notice。
He felt that the nation behind him got his clothes.,I want to come to her, I will laugh crazy.。
This monster is not too cold.

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