Zhang Xing seizes the opportunity,Capture this scene,Rapida appeared in the camera。
“have a look,This is your touted Xuan Ge.,What is not!”
Zhang Xing said coldly and said:“Can he communicate with animal?,Isn’t it possible to have a strong strength??”
“The results of it?”
A series of questions,People who make the live broadcasts can’t see it.。
“Star brother,You jump so,Waiting to be faced。”
“Why bother,Little, don’t learn the lesson of just now,Waiting for you to be hammer!”
“A person like you,This is sprayed,Waiting for Xuan Ge will make you not talk。”
Zhang Xing looked at the barrage,More http://www.518mo.cn angry,How these people followed the magic,All believe in Shen Xuan’s super power!
No skeptical?
Shen Xuan is now very embarrassed,No one means to answer。
How to do this?
Shen Xuan did not,I can only pin it on the rhubarb.,This guy has eaten after the fairy,Whole person,wrong,It is very spiritual and unliked.,It seems that you can inspect the micro。
as predicted,After you call it yourself,The big yellow is the same as him.,Sway,Suddenly called a scorpion。
A simple character http://www.lyrczp.cn shouted out,Almost all wolves and tigers are followed,Especially the nearest wild wolf,All are all shouted,I consciously put the road to open the road.。
Shen Xuan touched the head of the rhubarb,Start going towards the front。
Rhubarb and small yellow,Like the left and right care。
This scene,People who have made live broadcasts are shocked.。
“he came,he came,He is really coming with a dog.。”
“True wind,Two prototypes with left rear,Powerful!”
“Still the most cattle,A snoring,Even the wild wolf must make the way!”
Zhang Xingqi almost did not drop the phone on the ground,I thought that I can shoot Shen Xuan’s picture,who knows,Also let this guy installed a rebound in the live broadcast,It’s a lot of ticklers.。
“When can I still install?!”
Zhang Xing was cold and said.,Look at it http://www.thmos.cn silently。
Shen Xuan went to the middle,Looking at the Tiger King and Wolf King,I don’t know what to do.,These two guys seem to be confronted,Really play,Can’t get up,Anyway, it is no service。

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