“How do you know that I can’t change anything??”Han Jiang is not convinced。

Katan smirked,Put it down to the muzzle of Zhao Han and De Lisa。
I don’t hesitate to pinch the gun tube.,Bring a gun to Hanjiang。
“I also hope that you can change something,Although I think these is just a fight against it.。”
“This shot it to you,The special bullets that have a bishop to me inside,Whether it is to D’Lisa,Still me,This bullet is deadly。”
“Now choosing right to give you,People in the family of Caslanta,I can’t let go of such D’Lisa to continue.”
“I have no choice,But you are different。”Carine said,I want to deliver the gun in the hand to the Korean why。”The De Lisa crying in Han Jiang is shaking,Some desperate:“Why do you want to do this?,I thought,I thought this world,Only my sister will always love me.。”
Hanjiang grabs the shoulders of De Lisa,With your head with her head:“Don’t cry,dont be sad,And I,I won’t let things become what you think.。”
“But but”De Lisa is something can’t say。
Chapter 256 This is my choice
“No,Believe me!”
Han Jiang pushed the pistol who handed over Caine,He doesn’t want to make a decision of destiny.。
Carine himself can’t escape the cage of fate,She knows suicide with bullets in the pistol,De Lisa also can’t escape the fate of Otto to catch back.。
If you use this bullet to end the life of De Lisa,They can only leave this world together,Leave this rebellion,No choice of world。
Han Jiang saw the determination of Carine,he thinks,If you are not going to be here,Carine should have died with De Lisa.。
“De Lisa,You are now too dangerous now.,I have to appear in new infections.,make you”
“De Lisa,My dear sister,People http://www.yihu520.cn bringing you is me,This is my sin,Do not be afraid,At least I will accompany you”
Han Jiang refused to pick up his pistol,Carine re-gun points to De Lisa。
She has already taken De Lisa.,Can’t discard her alone again in this world。
Han Jiang is in front of De Lisa,This gun is Outo specially prepared to Kaolian and De Lisa。
Han Jiang’s heart drums,This shot is down,Will not even give yourself。
The hand of the carotel grips is constantly shaking.,Such a situation,She is difficult to make a choice。
If you die,What about the sister?,If the sister is dead,I will follow it yourself.。
In front of you, this man gave my sister hope.,Do you believe in him??
“Can you really protect Delsa??”Carine decided in the heart。
Hanjiang nodded,At the same time:“Don’t impulsive,We can discuss slowly,If I can save you http://www.027liyi.cn two together??”
“impossible!”Carine shakes your head:“Trendy strength,Not you can imagine,Single personal power,Can’t confront。”
Unclear Hanjiang’s Carine,I think that all this is what I made in Han River is just a car.,Stunning a tree。
Will only delay the arrogant arrival,Can’t change things happening in the future。
Otto’s horror,It’s not ordinary, you can imagine。
“and many more,you listen to me!”Han Jiangyu said。
“Maybe I can do it?,Why is so pessimistic?,Obviously there is an unlimited hope,Do you have to make a deadline you die??”Han Jiang’s speed,Really afraid of Catan what to make。
Kaolian is smirk,Trembling:“You do not understand,You don’t understand anything.。”
“Because I perceived the heart of De Lisa,I have many nights who can’t sleep.,Be in a self-blame。”
“Can be courageous,It http://www.kljxgs.cn is actually such a result.。”
“De Lisa is very important to me.,But those innocent passersries?They are also positive young girls,Wishes with D’Lisa,Because my selfish leaving this world。”
“Regardless of De Lisa,Still the victim,The initial cause is me,It is my reason to cause all this.。”
“no。”Han River has no prominend,“Not you,Otto,Is Otto, guy。”
“What has happened cannot be changed,Can be later,You can’t change your born,But you can decide the destiny later。”
“impossible,impossible。”Caine out two lines of tears,“Destiny,It is a huge thing that ordinary people can’t imagine.。”

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