Next second。

He boke eye-catching beads,Unscrupulous, the other party quickly swept it,Rotten to turn。
at the same time,He is so dying, not yelling.,“Oops,my eyes,my eyes……My eyes are polluted!”
This sentence is shouting,The woman is also awake at the moment.。
Just,Mady anger is full of body。
“I’m going to kill you!”
See you to run in summer,Under reflection,Ambiguous,No otherwise。
Two cleansing and long legs are gently walking in the water,The beautiful body is very long.,A piece of water,Fall into a road。
Her reaction can be described as fast,Body is still half air,Passing the long right legs。
The water bead sticking on the legs falls off in the http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cnair,Putting a sharp voice,Summer in front of the summer。
“Oops!Small waves,Don’t shoot me with water.……”
Summer exaggerated voice is thorling in the mountain,But the shape is constantly changing,A drum is also empty。
People have not arrived,Sound first。
The woman followed is a whip of whip.。
Summer turning,Void suddenly。
As if the woman is sending,Just to deduct the opponent’s ankle。
The woman didn’t expect that the summer reaction was so fast.,Pretty face,Spinish,The other foot is a little,Jiao body three hundred and sixty degrees,Jump,Sweeping summer skull。
It is like a whip in the air.。
Summer picking your eyebrows,No hesitation,Waving fist,A boxing in the opponent’s foot。
Women’s boys,After landing,Row straight and white right legs to take out a few beautiful legs,I am not staring at the summer.。
“I have already pericated that you are wrong.,Humph,Obscene,Die……”
Not finished,I was interrupted by the laughter.,“puff……Ha ha ha ha……”
I saw the summer bending on the summer.,Laughing is not allowed,Drain struggle pointing at her,“Small waves,You are gone……Wow……”
Wretched sounds with exaggerated laugh,Like a sunny day, it is in the woman’s ear.。
Until this time,She realized that she was still born.。
Thinking of the other side to buckle your own ankle……There is also the situation of ourselves.……
A high-scapered screams thoroughly,Women’s mind in a blank,Think chaos,It’s like a cat that is stepped on the tail.,Rowing a white residue,Thud,Instant water。
“Ha ha ha ha……Let you arrogant,Stupid,Give you an advice,Pride is a disease,Cure……”
Summer beat on the ground,Laughing death,It’s like meeting the most joyful scene of this life.。
Standland,A fierce spirit strike。
Summer face change,A roll,Flavor,A pebble slamming,Splashing Mars。
I rely on。
“You are trying me to try it.,I read……I look hard!”
Summer disappointment,I completely ignore the murder on her face,Watching like it is like a water surface。

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