Nan Ge looks less intelligent。

Zhou Zhihe looks outside the window。
Spring is coming。
never expected,Boys finally added Nan Ge Contact,And it is still the initiative of Nan Ge.。
For the heart,He also added a week by way.。
After completing,He also said a sentence:“After playing, let’s play.,If you are too bright, I am too bright.……But if you ride a bicycle.,I can’t ride so far.。”
Zhou Zhou and polite nod to say good。
Anyway, he is not often chatting with Alipay.。
Three people still truck back to school,The second section of the morning is less,Zhou Zhihe Nang Ge did not catch up。I heard that I have said.,Some people have helped them,Nan Ge said not to go up.。
Zhouzhi is not too dare to go in。
So he and Nan Ge took a bicycle.,Then I went to the cafeteria to eat a lunch.,Just stay in the bedroom。
At noon,Several roommates come back。
They played a meal back to bedroom,Eat one side of the nine-day journey of the gossip。Zhou You answer is very perfunctory,The fun process of the middle is slightly,Let them can’t afford to be interested。
So they began to discuss two things announced by the class at the time of today.——
One is a next week’s sports meeting;
One is a meeting to schedule a welcome party at the end of November or early December.;
Sports committee and cultural committee。
Everyone registers is not high.。
Of course this is not feasible,Sports meeting is indicator,Welcome to the new party each class must also have a program,If you can’t do it on Zhou Qianqian face, you will not be able to do it.,Everyone has to eat bitterness。
So the class committee research decided,Treat sports meeting——Each team must sign at least two sports projects。
Even Liu Zhengming didn’t have a sports cell.,They have been forcibly arranged long and relay competitions.。
Thanks to 槐,No one gives the Zhou arrangement。
Zhou I want to open it.QQ,Just saw the sports committee sent him a message,Euphemism give him a sports meeting no one signing up,As a class, he needs to report two projects.,Ask what he reported……Quite a lot of words,Getting around, I feel that I don’t make sense.。
Two salted fish projects。
Use,No need to resort。
Sports committee reply very fast:Three jumps are far,Everyone wants to choose these relaxed
Sports Committee:Row,Thank you for your support of your brother.
Depth:Thanks for your hard work

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