Daro respected and retired,Sword, the strong horizontal,Shape slide,Avoid a sharp man,Side。

Summer warfare,The anger of the anger in the hearts of the year broke out。
Be like a mad,War!……
NS3907chapter Join hands
Very quiet。
Everyone is all everything to witness。
If it is not the same,I am afraid that no one believes that there is a hit by summer.。
That is the power of the real day level。
Let people feel shocked,Is the summer that is not flexible、That war,It’s too shocking.。
“Ha ha。”
at this time,A while,“brother,Don’t panic,I am http://www.leshengwenhua.cn coming to help you.!”
Gogjo is a battle madman,I can’t help but I can’t help but。
A sound,Hands in the hands of a ferrous sword。
“Hoot……”Cold light。
Gobian step forward,Iron sword under his waving,Air is there twisted,Strong swordsman,Like a hanging river。
A sword,Unstoppable,It’s simply to split this world.。
A few squares of the mountains not far away,Instant spilled silk sword impact collapse。
“Don’t mess with……”Summary is a bit helpless。
to him,Dato is a very good grinding stone。
Under the pressure of the other party,Excellent muanuang is constantly growing。
Mid,Various mystery。
Although the offensive of the Da Luo said a few times a few times,Can also make him huge progress。
Now Gogjian joins,Reduce the pressure in an instant。
But he also knows that Gob Sword is good.,Quickly speed up the offensive。
http://www.jhyamy.cn Two people,Two swords,Continuously tear the rays of the sky,With a metal unique vibrato。
“Inad……”The earthquake is buddy.。
Summer and Gogjian although the first time,But the two cooperate with tacit understanding,A cheap,Wonderful。

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