Look at Blue Xin again,Looking at her, I don’t plan to ask in it.,His eyes have a deep deep!

Blue Xin looked at Blue Xinyings,Pure as water:“Lu Hao Cheng,Be careful on the road!”
Looking at her quiet smile,Lu Haozheng’s lips raised tiny radians,“Um!Early rest early!”
Lu Haocheng did not drive away。
“call!”Blue Xin calls out a breath,Lu Hao Cheng,Her whole people feel more relaxed.。
Lu Haocheng’s cloudy smile,It’s hard to figure out!
“Blue,Let’s go in!”Shen Jiaqi stands not far away。
“Um!”Lan Xin nodded,“Jiaqi,I have to leave for three days.,Takahjun will solve itself,Just help me look at,Let them go outside to go http://www.rengangkeji.cn outside。”
“good,Blue,You can rest assured.,I am not busy there.,I have to wait until I come over.,She came over,Some people help,I will be at home these days.。”
Blue Xinyi,Be more assured.:“Jiaqi,Don’t let yourself be tired,Don’t forget,There is a baby in your belly.。”
“Um!”Shen Jiaqi lips,Light smile is very happy!
Blue Xin and Shen Jiaqi entered the door,Blue sorrow and Blue Qiqi are surrounded。
“Wow,Good incense!”She is excited to swallow a mouthful of water。
Blue Xin looks at her excitement,Pretty laugh。
Pack all packages and open,said laughingly:“Let it eat,It’s all your brothers and sisters.。”
Xiao Jun said:“Thank you mom,Thank you Shen Yu!”
“You!What is the family??”Blue Xin smiled and knead his head。
Look up,I saw a living room.,Blue Qiqi’s painting paper is full。
She looked at her http://www.zyouka.cn daughter quite a headache.,“Kiki,How much is it told you??These don’t waste paper,Be sure to throw it into the trash can?How can you throw it all??”
Lan Qiyi looked back and looked at some angry mom.,Side:“Mom,I am on the ground.,I will handle it myself for a while.,You are tired, go to sleep first.!”
Said that I have made a ghost face toward Lan Xin.,Then continue to eat prawn!
Blue Xin shook his head helplessly,Broom picking up,Sweep all paper together,Then put all into the garbage bag。
There is a painted paper is open,She just threw into the garbage bag,Looking at the paintings, a family blessing。
Have their mother and child,Mom and Dad。
That represents her side,But write dad two words。
Blue Xin’s heart is tight,Look at the daughter,Seeing that she bowed and very happy。
Kiki’s heart,Also eager to http://www.industrialgloves.cn Dad。
She trembles,Throw the painting into the garbage bag。
Heart is some heavy pain。
Shen Jiaqi washed out of the bathroom,Looking at Blue Xin,said laughingly:“Blue,You also rest early.。”
Blue Xin is slightly back,Looking at Shen Jiaqi nodded。
Shen Jiaqi came back to the room.。
Lan Xin waited for their brothers and sisters.,Only watching Xiaojun said:“Xiao Jun,Mom has something to go out for three days,These three days, you have to be at home.,Jiaqi will take care of you,But you have to take care of yourself.,do you know?”
Lan Jun is gentle and nodded.:“Mom,You can rest assured.!I will take care of good Qiqi。”

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