“I like the rural areas.!”

“Just right。”
“Where is your home??”
“Phuzhou County,Yinyang Temple,鸣 啾 山。”
“My grandmother is there.!”
“That is determined。”
“hold head high!”
the next day,on Monday。
Xiao Zheng girl wants to go。
Zhou also bought a cheapest ticket mixed station,Directly send Zheng Yua to the ticket http://www.dnscname.cn gate。
He also sent her a headset.,Sony’s。He is not very understanding of headphones,I bought it when I saw it.,You can give her a chance to let go of a clear and chance when she listens to the book.。
“Give me a message at home。”
Zheng Yuchi point head,With shallow smile,I waved again:“Let’s go back,It’s fine。”
“be careful。”
“It’s fine。”
“I’m leaving。”
So Zhou turned around。
Go out of more than a dozen steps,I look back and look at it.——
Zheng Yuki has passed the ticket gate,But still standing on the side.,Still look at him。I suddenly,It seems to ask him why stopped,There are a few very rare。
Zhou smile,Do good。
Go home, some empty。
The most on the bench,槐 腿 腿 腿 腿 腿 上,Old monster is worried,Ramble。
“How can http://www.discussky.cn you get this?……”
“The book is not finished yet.……”
“Still http://www.uucarlink.cn need to be heavy in school.,To say that you are falling in love, I don’t care.,But do you call love?,You are called children,A lot of martial arts in TV is tired by this.……”
Zhouzhi really can’t help but,A small voice:“What is the university??”
槐‘Okay’A sound!
He didn’t think that in the subway, I dared to talk to him.,And still wear headphones,This person is getting bigger and bigger.。

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