Lu Hao’s eyes flashed,Her she is in arms,Watching her softly:“Reason is simple,Because of money。If I guess is not wrong,She intends to open her own studio。But I also want to fish before leaving.,I will fight danger。”

“Ugh!”Blue Xin sighs a breath。
“you say,How is she so stupid??Make a reason,In the Chasing Department of Children’s Wear,She said,The annual salary is also very high,Work is also very familiar,No competitor,Regardless of all aspects,A designer,It is a great condition。”
she knows,Lu Haocheng never gang raped for people who betray their people.。
Lin Xiao,From this moment,There is no future.。
She can’t interfere with this matter。
Lu Haozheng pet her,But some things will not fully listen to her.。
Ye Len’s excellent,She knows from entering the Lu Group。
She is a must,Who is smiling,She has never thought of she would do such a thing.。
“Ah Cheng,Will not make a mistake?”She is a little questioned to watch her husband。
Lu Haocheng only feels cold arrows to pierce their hearts,Heart is cool。
“Gimmick,Are you a husband, do you believe in your husband??”He stared at her in his eyes.。
Big winter,The temperature is colder one day,And the man who is booming,The gas field is self-with a cold air device,Let Lanthen can’t help but shake it.。
Looking at the dark and injured eyes,Blue Xin blooms a tender smile:“Where can I??I certainly believe my husband,Just think that she should not do this with her.。”
“Then I am a person.?”Lu Hao’s eyes were still quietly looking at her.,There is a persistent and threat of unrestrained。
Blue Xin:“……”This man has always been tangled in her heart.,That is definitely the first existence。
“Hey-hey……”Blue Xin only feels that this straight male is always a citric acid。
“My husband is of course the unique world.。”
“Truth?”Lu Haocheng looked at her。
Blue Xinli blinked a big eye,“Do you see that I am a mouth??”
Lu Hao Cheng’s heart,I know that her mouth is not a heart.,Also believed her words。
“Let’s get off work.,Catch a weekend,Let’s go out,Two people world。”Lu Haozheng took her up。
on Monday,He will send Hao Peng’s gift。
I ate him Lu Hao Cheng,Be double-spit out。
“we agreed……”
“Said good to me。”Lu Haocheng interrupted her words,Le Yu has Mu Zizheng。
Don’t use her to accompany。
“Lu Hao Cheng。”Blue Xin is helpless for his overbearing。
“it is good,Tonent。”Lu Haocheng received a good,Immediate statement。
Blue Xin face this is good。
immediately,The couple of husbands still go home from get off work。
Lin Xiao’s things,Lu Haocheng did not let the other people in the company know。
Everything is waiting to go to work on the weekend。
After the two people got off work, I went to Le Yujia.,In the parking lot, I encountered European,Three people go together to Mu Ziyun。
Lan Xin and Le Yu are busy in the kitchen for dinner,Two people chat。
Lu Haoheng and Mu Zizi,Ou Jing, sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV。
Lu Haozheng is tightly handsome,I know that he is not happy.。
But for the Mu Ziyi, who is going to be Dad,The mood is very good every day.。
“Ah Cheng,Your big aunt is coming.,How is my home is tight with your face??”Mu Ziyi。
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