“That’s no problem,We depart!”Han Jiang pushed the stool,Walking with Xier to the door。
“Hey Hey hey,The route is here,You don’t know where to find a factory address on the route.!”The flag of the flag is in an urgent shouting.,I have worried about it.。
Han Jiang wants to learn search system,It is a system that wants to return to the Lord World in the future to try to break the San Fuya system.,If you can,I want to break the hidden area of the life system。
For collapse,He has too much thing, I don’t know.,This purpose, certainly can’t tell the wings of the flag。
Factory in the city suburbs,Several people currently belong to high-tech development zones,Distance from the suburbs or。
certainly,In no one’s world,How much is the roadside vehicle?。
No car key is not worthless,The flag http://www.xiaokuifushi.cn of the flag is not a meal.。
Three people found a off-road vehicle,Fanwing Wings easy to open the door,Boom boot。
“This is the travel tool of humanity.,A little backward look。”The agency of the Wing Wings of the flag。
Han Jiang’s cab,A series of seat belts,Ask:“Do you not be human beings??”
The flag is flying in a small car.,Finally, I said on the shoulders of the co-pilot.:“But I can use energy flight.,These petrol this morning,I am enough for me to survive for half a year.,And use the required。”
“Why not use nuclear fuel,The utilization of resources will greatly improve,Ming Technology will also improve it.。”
Since Hi Lier became a prostitute,The flag of the flag is close to her.。
certainly,Shier is still a little fear,I want to touch the wings of the fans and I don’t dare.。
Han Jiang is very welcome,Pinch a hibia’s flag,Put it in front of you,“You will give me a line.。”
“Still,If it is greatly improved,Cracking will also increase,You think that the scientists who have been fired, they did not expect the consequences.?”
“Foot defended the invasion of the twelfth,Can’t think of these people in the core of the law?”
“These cars are tools used by ordinary people,Just imagine,The level of the world is the same as the group of people on the fire moth,They can resist a few times of argument?”
Car start,Han Jiang begins in accordance with the established route。
The flag of the flag begins to pinch the following,After a long time, I will not solve the Hanjiang.。
“If the collapse is followed by human flexibility,Isn’t that a dead bureau??”
Han Jiang is reliably sighing:“So human scientists are looking for ways to fight against collapse,Either find the balance point to continue to maintain,Either it is to make your own scientific progress exceed the upper limit of the collapse。”
Otto is the former,Continuous development progress,Otherwise, the Lord’s Arch is now facing multiple legal attacks.。
if that’s the case,I will go late to go to the old way of the episode.。
have to say,Outo has a certain benefit。
Whether it is for his selfishness,Still the development of human own。
Car arrived in the suburbs,Hanjiang three people get off,Entry is the collapse of the beast and the dead。
“Factory entrance there。”The flag of the flag refers to a very ordinary residential building.。
Han Jiang looked in the direction of the flag of the flag,Judging only one of six layers,And break the spatial http://www.oneczh.cn community。

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