Is this thatdiyCharm?

Have more,How much is also a physical strength,Zhou stopped and resting,Tooth side。
Zheng Yizhen is cut with gold,She can easily cut the smooth plane,Can be considered,Efficiency is not high,She must explore her hand and find wood and cutting points.。Calculating the efficiency is not much higher than the Zhou,Just cut the wood is very rule。
Rule is not necessarily a good thing。
Fang Fang Zhengzheng、Sliced smooth wood block,I always feel that the flame is attached to it.,More than half of the burn。
illusion?Regardless of。
Anyway, the sense of accomplishment is more than a loss.。
Not far from the old gray extension paw,A grab on the wood,White light flashes,Can also cut wood,Just this ability is not small for him.,Therefore, efficiency is still lower。
Clear and cleaning up branches,If you can break with your hands,Fold into a proximity length,Bring up with the tao。
This is more meticulous。
Yu Guang again——
I saw the old monster boring sitting on the small bench,Holding his short knife in one hand,One-handed wood,Two knives,Like tofu,The wood cut into four copies.。
Zhouzhi unspeakable recovery,I didn’t see anything.,And no longer look at it in that direction。
Two hours later,In the afternoon。
Chaiwei door。
Zhou took the shot on the body,Look at the inside of the base、Woodwood like a wall,There is also a pine cone which is stacked into a hill.、Bundle,He is very satisfied,There is even some kind of Zheng Yulan here to burn these firewood.。
“Snapped!” Nan Ge was played on his shoulders.,Laugh“Is there so happy??”
Turn around,Appearance“what?”
Nan Ge yawn“Don’t think that you have no expression, I can’t see the jump in your heart.,Recognizing the small squirrel,I won’t laugh your。”
“Small squirrel?”If you don’t understand。
“do not know,Casual,There is a small squirrel in the brain.。”Nan Ge passed the head,It seems to be a little doubtful,“And what is the animal of the repair dam called??”
“Oh is。”
“……You are laughing at me.。”
“I do not have。”
“I have to go to the fire.。”
Zhou pulls the arm of Nan Ge left here。
The fire of the stove house is bright。
Zhou burned the firewood that he just cut today,Although there is still an old firewood,Although the new fire is not dry enough,But you can’t abrasive his enthusiasm.。

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