This is completely funny.?

That’s a short middle-aged,Also Weizheng North Xinjiang?
Gao Baoyi feels that Yangxiang is just playing himself as a fool.。Moreover,“join the army”What is the official position?,Does he still don’t know??
One sentence,Staff is not long,Fart,It is a sad class to say that it is difficult to listen to it.,It feels not as good as the school bookmore.!
I think in my heart,But it is entirely sinner.。The other party has become a military,Although the official position droppedNGrade,But the power is not in the same day.。
Prerequisite is to get trust。
Second, understand the other party,Gao Baoyi smiled,Subsequently。
A few words with a very eye-catching,Just use the business busy as an excessive。
“The people are really juvenile heroes,And in charge of the implicity,The next official has been very admire,And the god is over a long time.。”
Wang Jun said politely,Wear a high hat to Gao Boyi。
what?This guy is a master.!
Gao Bao is slightly unexpected,This year,It is also very important to shoot the fart.,I don’t know how this person is really practical.。Time is too tight,He didn’t have time to check。
“Don’t worry,Under the official in the Northern Land,It is quite related to the two armies.,Especially dealing with border spies,Very experienced。”
Wang Jun took out a book from his arms.,Respectfully handed Gao Baoyi。
I only watched an eye.,Gao Bi is sitting straight,The expression on the face is serious。
Detail in detail in the volume as a local official,How should I deal with the pandare?!In the case of limited force,How to make a relationship,Instead of being taken by the other party。There are civil affairs and military politics,Military and civilian one,Co-ordination。
“I have to make Ming Gong,Wo water like a fish!”Gao Baoyi is excited to pull Wang Jun’s hand,I don’t know, I thought he was agay!
NS111chapter Mourning
“I have listened to Ziyang Xiangxi brothers said that she did something to do.,Amazing。Cracked the city spyware case,I know,excellent。”
Wang Jun is a clear,Don’t give money like Gao Bo Yi。He itself is very familiar with the use between use,The topic can say some point,The atmosphere of the two is very pleasant,Extremely seeing hate late。
“Qi Guoliang will be quite,Why do you choose to follow the people?,The next official is a little less mature idea。”
See the door of the signed room has been locked,Wang Jun said low voice。
Seeing Wang Jun so on,Gao Boyi is also a little unexpected。
actually,He is just too young,I don’t know what kind of people who go through the official landing.。
Wang Jun is a hidden man,Alert。He used to be a good staff!If you are not committed,Now there is a entry.。
I have been idle for a long time.,Gao Yang has recently promoted him to be a school bookmore。
That is a bird work?
Even if the official is a product,Wang Jun is too lazy to mobilize life in such positions.。
Now there is a chance to be in front of you,Grab,Don’t say flying Yellow Tengda,At least you can do some job work。You said that Wang Jun will won’t put a low gesture to please Gao Baoyi.?
“Brother Wang Jun Table,You and I have seen it.,Have a message, but。”
Gao Boyi quickly said to the other side.。Can use,He never mind“Ritual”。
“The Sudokan is invincible on the battle,The city warrior is tough,However,For some things,They are not good at。”
Wang Jun touched a mustache,The word said one sentence:“His Majesty is also considered these,So toned me to help the people,I don’t know if the official guess is correct.?”
This is a personal fine.!
Gao Biyi feels easy to talk to smart people.。
“good,We will go to Qizhou to practice the troops first.,Then westward。”Gao Biyi did not say what to do in He Luo,But he knows the intelligence of Wang Jun.,I must know what a scene is the scene.。

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