He is lazy and scattered expression instantly converges,Become abnormal,Very serious look at He Yu,“You look,There are still several holes above this.,Obviously it is a failure of polishing failure
http://www.owanbao.cn Product……I apologize to you.,Just said wrong,It is not worth five cents,But three cents。”
This expression……This look……This tone。
Absolutely in disgusting。
Jinlong,Wang Xiaoyu brothers and sisters,Luoqian stone and others one side red ear,Dead and laugh,And a group of people who were originally stationed Mu Tian and He Yu,Not commended。
“So……Gift gifts,There is no need to say so exaggerated,You look at it is http://www.gcl-sapphire.cn unimpeded,Bamboo,Why,How is your face red??Have a cold??”
This sentence,Almost make everyone collectively spurt a old blood。
This guy’s mouth is too poisonous。
Don’t give people alive.。
He Yu convex highly filled blood,It’s like a flame burning flame.,Gite the pattern of teeth,I can’t wait to tear over the summer.。
He has already can’t bear it.。
So I decided to simply torn face.。
But just at this time,A voice suddenly sounded。
“Summer!Even if you are talking,How is it?Where didn’t be determined to be naturally formed?,Just the speculation of a family,I don’t know what you have.
Intentional。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1344Chapter Don’t you do your pit?
Mu Tian。
Nature is Nature is Mu http://www.digital999.cn Tian。
Seeing He Yusian suffered humiliation,He must have to go out。
Welcome a concentrated eye,Cold and cold。
“Even if you are talking about,Even if this devil is not naturally formed,What,It is still a gemstone worth even in the city,Still is a rare thing。Do you admit??

Summer is very mixed with some head,Also shake your head,And shocked,Surprised eyes,“I only admit that it is a rare thing.,But it is worth even in the city,You are listening
Mu Tian’s mouth smashed。
Laozi is just a way,Help He Yusheng。
But the words,Facing summer question,He must not deal with。

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