Gigant,Some incredible shakeheads:“This is impossible。My big brother’s lady is my princess of my aunt.。

And the object of the original land is the niece of Qi Queu, Li Tan。
They say that they are inside,I can understand。
But why do you want to call yourself??”
This is the meaning of this,Then two is the master,Where are you coming out, a cat, a dog?。
Gao Changyong is almost almost let the solitary gallo!
It is no wonder that the cool bamboo poles in the next day are bleeding by this group.,Sure enough, it is not an ordinary person.。
The other party should be completely no malicious,Just this is even more difficult.。
Single gamro sucks deep breath,Laughing meat does not laugh:“I heard that you are hunger.,Don’t let you go,You are starving?”
“good,I am from Qi State.,For the country。
If you can’t,It is better to become a fullness of my strength.,I am giggling, I will not flee your soldiers.。”
So ridiculous words, actually said words,Single Acid suddenly feels like it is a bit like。
She chose this road because of high collation.,Said that I have a life for a lifetime.,Once your child is raising your adult。
The result is not mentioned,Even if Gao Baoyi and her are intimate,I am a little resistance.,At this moment, her mentality will not give up treatment now.。
“That line,You are hungry,So so many hungry people have not eaten.。”
Shanleo took the Gao Changgong’s food box,Go directly outside the door。
NS506chapter Women’s benevolence
Shanleo went to the door of the yard,Also folded back。She is really a bit worried that the high-rise is full of death.,Then Gao Bo Yi came back,A bit badly。
After all, then,She is now a woman with Gao Baoyi,How denweight,Even if she is not going to go to the house, it is。
“Hey, are you there??”
Gong Changqi asked。
I can tell,This young and beautiful woman in front of me,Not a master of temper。
“Everything is always the cause of the past,Let’s talk about how you are here.,See if I can help you think about it.,Or persuade you。”
Single Shanlo stretch。
Pleased,It used to be Gao Boyi with her.,Hooded others when she was.!
If this recursive,She intends to turn her head。
“Ugh,Big Brother is really miserable this time.。”
Gao Chang is deeply sighing。His mouth is entangled,Look very bitter。
“Although I don’t know what happened.,But Alang should not be such a person。”
Shanleo returned to Gao Baoyi’s style,Although he is very good,But it is still very embarrassed.,Thinking is still very comprehensive。
Gao Boyi will be hurt in front of this man,No reason。
But he didn’t tell yourself.。
“I know that the big brother is for me.,but,His kind is not what I need.。
Big festival,Is it what I mean??”
Gao Chang, I can’t help but hit a cold.,Did not eat two,The weather is cold,His state is not very good。
“Let it eat,eat first。Even if I want to let you go,You must also have a powerful?”
Gao Chang Gong stood up,The status of the salted fish just disappeared in an instant,Become a spirit!
No way,It is too big to change this.?
Single Acido Dark Dark,Let the other party put away just talk about it.,I really want to interfere,Gao Boyi even fails to,That is also a cost-effective price.。

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