Although Shen Xuan said that,But their hearts,How can it be unclear??

These,Not a small thing at all。
So,And even now,this matter,In fact, it is quite tricky.。
“Just header,We don’t even know where people in the Dragon will now.,How can I start??”
at this point,With Huang Yue finished,In the hearts of others,Also think so。
After all, now,at this point,It is quite important to it.。
He is Shen Xuan?,When you are in front of you,What’s more, the more you feel interesting?。
“Rest for 30 minutes,Get Dragon Meeting Information。”
at this time,With this voice in Shenxuan’s mind,Shen Xuan still thought,It’s wrong with yourself.。
But I want to think about it,But feel,How can this??
Moreover,Shen Xuan is absolutely impossible to listen to wrong。
So at this moment,When Shen Xuan is in front of him,The more like this,Shen Xuan’s face,It is also a smile that brought a trace of taste.。
“Allocate,I have a list here.,You first follow this list.。”
Shen Xuan finished,At this time, Huang took over。
Waiting to Huang Yue after looking carefully,Huang Yue,Eyes are far away.。
“My goodness,Leader,How can you have this??”
Others are very curious,do not know why,Huang You look like this。
But as Huang Yue took the thing directly,In the hearts of others,This is getting more and more,These,What will it be?。
I was still worried about everyone.,When I saw it here,The heart is more harmonious.。
Since Shen Xuan is even more than such things,Don’t you consider this thing??
Of course not,And now everyone,What more want to think more, I feel that I am proud.。
“Good head,I will go down immediately.。”
Chapter 452 This time we won
“Before,We have already done some investigations。”
“By the time,Prepare a bus。”
at this time,Sun Thai hooks his hands around him.,Random。
And Sun Thai,After seeing Sun Tai’s saying,It is even again connected nodes.。
After all, now,Since you have already said this。
Then they,Naturally know,Next words,What should I do?。
As for Sun Tai,Then the next consciousness looks at the eye.。
After reading it for a while,Sun Tai’s mouth,It is even more faint laugh.。
“Before,Because their luck is good。”
“But this time,We have won!”
Just win,You can get this part of the industry.。

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