“Humph,If you are teaming with me,Don’t drag my hind legs。”

Na Jiesi Tan agreed,Then Tuzimi has subscribed to the team,Everyone can only accept this new teammate。
“Mayin is this character,Please don’t care,In fact, her inner is very welcoming you.。”
Seeing Powder Loli’s arrogant,After the eyes of the Niang Hill, I apologically to Titzima Road.,I also quickly chased it up.。
But let Tiz rice are speechless.,Look is a quiet and cautious eye,Directly in front of Titzim,What staged, what is flat?
Then the killing of the killing is not blinking,I don’t know where to pick up a roast leg.,Just like an unmanned food.。
Tiz Mi wants to spit,Miss, you still have a murder of murder.,This can also eat it.?
Be more,When the red is found to look at her,Also strictly like the roast legs in your hands,Erafe Titzmi grab。
And Lei Nai took out a hug,It’s talking about it, I have a laughter.,From time to time, I will frenzy, let Tiz rice feel a massive wine.。
There is also a start Titzmi feel the most normal Brand,At this time, the upper clothes are no longer,I am showing my own muscles
Proud、Naturally cute、Eating goods、drunkard、There are also muscle brothers,How does Tiz Mi feel that they are not organized as a killer?,But the heterogeneous shelter?
“It’s hard to accept it.,Life with such a bunch of abnormal people?”
Laber seems to see Titzimi’s mood,A slap in the same way。
Tuzmy feels that there is a normal person.,Just want to express yourself,I heard Robert then hooked Tiz Mi’s neck.,Sneaky:“How about it,You think we are here,That woman is only looking?”
“What is garlic?,Now let’s organize,Let’s two ordered.,Which one do you think is your dishes?,Don’t come, our brothers hit the car.。”
Rabbark screamed with his eyes,Let Tiz Mi look at the red nice。
“Brand big brother?Is he not a man??”
Brand,Cough,You will understand later。”
Rabbark gave Titzmi a meaningful expression,Said that you don’t want to say more。
“Moon,Small child body,I really didn’t look at it.。
Chives,Although not a small child,But in fact, it is also normal.。
Hill and Leio nake are majestic,But that personality is real”
Rab Bubet has been exploded“Night attack”Each female body data。
Don’t ask him why Lubber knows these,Because of his labet is professional!
Use your own emperor“Intersection”,He has not known how many times have been completed.,Now he gives the data,Absolutely close to real data。
Tuzimi is http://www.qdwqy.cn speechless to look at Rabbark,Ok,He is wrong too much.,This is also a color ghost,There is no normal person in this organization.!
Chapter 373 Assassination target:Andro!
Today’s third,I also do my best.,Ask old iron poverthold ticket ticket′`
These days,Titzmi is almost all in pain.。
Because it is normal in the heterogeneous group,Titzmi often because you are not surprising,and“Night attack”Other people are inconsistent
At the same time because of the reason,Therefore, Tiz is also needed to accept various special training.。
Like the field survival training,Brand’s various physical training,There is also the investigation of the moon,Collecting the intelligence with Leiochi。
These capabilities are required as a killer.,So Tiz Mi every day,Almost all is full of dangling。
If it is a training,That is http://www.hojoy888.cn also,The problem is that Tiz Micro is still almost become“Night attack”Full-time babysitter。

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